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Recent posts by Jarrod Felino

Next I am going to do 'Oracle Certified SQL Expert'. Java wise I'll be doing SCJD.
15 years ago
Passed 54/61 88%

Whoa didn't expect to get a score this good. Maybe 80%, but not 88%. Anyways the exam is not that hard if you have prepared well. I went a bit overboard and use 4 different exam simulator: Enthuware, uCertify, Whizlabs and the official ePractise exams from Sun training. I also used the O'Reilly book and EJB3 in Action. Finally I read the specs A LOT which seems to help push your score up into the upper echolon.
15 years ago
Well tomorrow is the day. Stay posted...
15 years ago
I just did Sun's free assessment on the internet. Sadly I only got 18/30 which is just a pass. However I then did Sun's official SCBCD ePractise exam number 1 where I got %75. So everything seems to be looking good. Kind of makes sense that they'd make the free assessment hard to scare exam takers into buying the official Sun training or the ePractise exams (which I did).
15 years ago
I'd recommend Enthuware and uCertify mock exams.
Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 by O'Reilly and the EJB 3.0 and JPA 1.0 specs.
Please just avoid this. I mean the vague questions and poor english are pretty bad. But what made it worse was that I was doing the final exam, I went to grade it and the Simulator crashed. This happened on 3 different occasions (I had my answers still in my head so I could do it quickly).

Is anyone aware of the refund policy. I know if you fail you get a refund. But wasn't there one where if you found more than 3 incorrect questions as well they would refund you.

Does Whizlabs read this forum? I mean I think it's time we gave them some honest (constructive) feedback.

Finally everyone, use Enthuware (or uCertify if you need a second as well). Enough said.
Jarrod Folino


Development Experiance

*15 months commercial Java and J2EE experience in application support and forward development for Yarris Pty Ltd (www.yarris.com)


*Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java 5
*Sun Certified Business Component Developer for Java EE5

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*Diploma of Software Development
*Bachelor of Information Systems

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I used to get $60,000 at my old job and I currently get about $30 an hour when I do my own jobs. Happy to work for less if the position were I'd be able to progress my career.
15 years ago
One Student entity can have many Presentation entity, which is held as a Collection. What I need to know if there is any difference between:

select count(s.presentations) from Student s

select size(s.presentations) from Student s
Hi Ranchers,

I have booked in for my SCBCD on January 12. Feel that I am prepared for it. I got %70 in the final Enthuware exam which apparently is harder than the real exam. I have also been using uCertify where so far I have scored 75, 66 and 70. Pass or fail I will be letting you all know how I go.
15 years ago
Basically I have defined 2 roles which are teacher and student. Now let's say I have 2 different users in my database: Bob who has the role of 'client' and Charlie who has the role of 'tutor'. What are the different ways that I can link these roles together. I want to link student to client and teacher to tutor. I am not sure which of the following are valid:

1. Use container specific tools to link the roles
2. Use role-link for each role in the assembly-descriptor
3. Use the role-link at a bean level

Also for the valid choices which role would do them? My guess would be:
1. Deployer
2. Application Assembler
3. Bean Deployer

However I know that these responsibilities can overlap.

One of the questions from Whizlabs is the following (Question 53 in Exam 2):

Which of the following is incorrect about the how the exceptions are handled in EJB's (1 correct answer)

A. When a business method of an enterprise bean throws an application exception the container discards that instance of the bean

B. Message driven beans are not allowed to throw exceptions to clients

C. When a business method of an enterprise bean throws an application exception, the container automatically rolls back the transaction

D. The class of exception recieved by the client is the same class of exception when the bean throws an application exception

Whizlab answer: C
My answer: A and C

A bean is never discarded when an application exception is thrown as the client can try and recover as per section 14.3.1 of the EJB3 core specification. Were the exception changed to a 'system exception' "A" would not be an answer.
I have been using the Whizlabs exam simulator alongside the Enthuware Exam simulator. Enthuware's question and answers are of a pretty high quality. However the same cannot be said about Whizlabs. I am really considering not using this exam simulator any more as the questions are very vague with very poor English (I am a native speaker).

Has anyone used the Whizlabs and found it useful for the actual exam???
This is from section 12.4.2 of the EJB Core Specification.

The PreDestroy callbacks are not invoked when the bean and the interceptors are discarded as a
result of such exceptions: the lifecycle callback interceptor methods in the chain should perform any
necessary clean-up operations as the interceptor chain unwinds.

Is this because I am using JBoss and another Interceptor is handling the exception?