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Recent posts by Valentin Ivanov

g tsuji wrote:That is the case if you posted a faithful reproduction of the real code.

I can't believe it, that is not real. The error message is so meaningful, and I have eye compared those two strings(namespaces) and never catch that ** bracket :-).
I'm going to jump off the third floor.
Anyway, it works perfect. Thank you
10 years ago
Hi, I use top down approach for creating simple JAX-WS (the goal - to understand how it works in details).

So what I've done so far:
1. Create WSDL file(using Eclipse).
2. Use wsimport to generate code artefacts
3. I've Implemented the SEI.
4. Create web.xml and sun-jaxws.xml descriptors.
5. Pack all stuff in WAR.
6. Deploy on tomcat 7.0.53

I got error :
And how is that they doesn't match? The SEI is autogenerated from the WSDL.
So the idea is that I shouldn't have to change the generated code. Therefore I'm missing something in the WSDL or implementation class.

Here is the SEI snipped:
Here is the implementation:
Here is the WSDL:
Here is the sun-jaxws.xml:
10 years ago
Hi, I have this jnlp file :
In applet I have:
All the jar files I have in my jnlp file are signed. I have <all-permissions/> as well. The pkcs11wrapper.dll is in JAR file /root directory/ . But still the same exception. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you
11 years ago
Hi Tim,

no i have no application server at all, I am working on completely stand alone Java application.
I took a look at the link you have provided, but the info for the provider is every time the same

SunPKCS11-SmartCard using library C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cvP11.dll

What I have discovered so far is if I do (the code that next is for showing the logic, do not expect it to run if you copy it):

The exception is thrown every time at cycle 50:

if i do:

The exception is every time at different file, but arount 250. Have no idea what class is doing inside. Looks like it creates sessions or doing something with the sessions.
I dont know maybe the provider is not clearing the resources when i do Security.RemoveProvider().
I don't know what to do else.
And thank you I will try to write to oracle, but I am not sure the problem is from java or from the nativ code of the provider!
12 years ago

I am trying to sign PDF files in my application. And i do. But when the files are few thousands i get the exception every time at around 240 file :

I have tried to create new PKCS11 provider and extract the keys form the SmartCard token but I always got this exception.
Thera is even a bug reported HERE.
Over the net space I could not found a solution. I don't know what to do. SunPKCS11 provider do not provide any managing methods , like for example clear session counter or Open new session or something like that.

I can't even find what the hell CKR_SESSION_COUNT means in that exception! There is no examples , no explanations on the web.
SessionManager class is invisible , so i can not manually manage the sessions to the SmartCard token.

I want to post this problem to Oracle, but don't know where to do that. Please does someone know it?
Or at least what else forum i should write to?
Thank you very much
12 years ago
Hello to all,

I would like to ask you for some help. I have GET form which submits data /parameters/
to a servlet. So far so good... but the parameters data are not in English /actually in Cyrillic/.

So, how can I just write those parameters in a text file? What I have tried:
Does anyone have already been down this road?
13 years ago
I have installed WebSPhere Application Server V7 as windows service. But i am unable to Start Stop it.
I searched the net for such troubles and found that the reason is java process has hung.

Well checking on my machine surprisingly it is true. When the computer starts in Task manager there is java.exe process which all the time increase its memory usage. And the strangest thing : no way to kill that process. Even with taskkill.exe it says : Access Denied.

Did someone has expirienced this problem? It is very uncomfortable because every time i have to restart my computer if i want to stop/start the server!

I apriciate any help
14 years ago
I have packaged my web module in WAR /Web archive/ file. Deploying it on WebSphere Application Server V7.
I have read the tutorials for deploying and follow the instructions but still without success.
So when i try this
the server says :

Error 404: No target servlet configured for uri: /TestPage_war/

What could be the problem? Why the server says "No target servlet configured", I might want to load .jsp or .html page? How is defined what component to be loaded as first?

Thank you
14 years ago

Dejan Miler wrote:I think that is good idea to study all of the methods from all of the classes which are mentioned in the Sun's objectives.

Well, definitely it's a great, but there is thousand methods. Personally this is the most difficult part. To rememmber every single method , how many parameters have, of what type, what is the return type if have at all.

Thimo SagIchNicht wrote:The right answers are: C,D,F,G
Okay.. but why is A) possible?

The correct answers are C and D.
A is possible because when the method invocation say("1") returns the control to the run() method, the monitor of class Babble is released and at that moment all threads are requiring the monitor, but there are no guarantees wich one will get it!

Ankur kothari wrote:if instead of that we would have a 2 objects of Babble class that extends thread then the output would have been either abc123 or 123abc only

I'm not sure what you are saying but i think this is not true

Leonardo wrote:If you don't pass a comparator, then the list type and the array type must implement Comparable, otherwise you'll get compile error

Hi Leonardo

actually compile error is not given just because Comparable is not implemented:
Did i misunderstood something?

Dragos Nica wrote:Can you please provide some little relevant examples to make things more clear?

What Henry means is:
Well that is just my point of view
Thank you Siva,

When a Thread dies, it calls notifyAll()

I was thinking for this but I was not sure
Nikojava's Question 66

Why the main thread behave like notifyAll() has called and prints the number's value? I thought the main thread should wait until either notify() or notifyAll() is called.