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Recent posts by Yucca Nel

Bert Bates wrote:Hi Yucca,

Our thoughts are with you! I will follow you on twitter.



11 years ago

Lexington Smith wrote:

Try not to do too much research on cancer, unless its really required.

Firstly thank you for your kind words. One can never research too much when faced with this. In fact, I find it an obligation to my doctors and others faced with this. In doing so, I have stumbled across information irrelevant to me, but relevant to others. There are also many negativities online. People have distrust in medicine (and rightly so). Not because medicine is ineffective, but because there is no transparency. My doctors here in Norway support me here. Doctors are limited by laws. These negativities and fear turn people elsewhere (online) where there is 10 times more dishonesty in the form of scams . I make it my duty to know of these and inform the shockingly-high number of people who hear of these before they are in the double burden position of financial loss and grieving a lost one these monies are better spent on proper research. I just saw a little girl in the UK raise 200 000 GBP to go to a fraudster in the US named "Burzynski". I made it my business to tell them and they told me off. This thug has a YouTube video that fools many people and he is easily exposed by Google-ing in the correct way. I use Google "News" only whilst other people just Google away with real danger.

Recently I heard of a spanish university that eradicated/ reduced brain tumors in mice by using a concentrated cannabis derived compound. I didn't look any further at it as I know most the world has bought into some propaganda on this plant. Months later I saw a video that reignited the topic on YouTube about a guy in Canada that makes an oil that cures cancer gives it for free nad I tried exposing Him as a scam. I couldn't no matter how hard I tried! So, I intensified my search and came up with a video on BBC and then this article and then the world's first pharmaceutical company that has been allowed to test and develop medicine derived from the cannabis plant Knowing about the brain, I noted that firstly they have a product in development for me. and many other products aimed at brain disorders. The brain is unlike any other part of the body when it comes to getting medication there as there is a barrier between the blood and brain that makes it difficult. Ironically this also airedwhilst I was in recent surgery. I use this as an illustration of how vital it is to not just sit and do nothing. I am taking this information to my oncologist and asking if he can contact responsible parties or collaborate with them.
11 years ago
It is with a great sadness that I have to call an end to my Java career at thirty before ever getting to use my skills. I recently had my fourth brain surgery in 2 years to remove a new tumor. Very little is known about brain tumors so I wrote an article on how my whole life seems to have taken a nasty turn since my youth due to lack of information on tumors. I know God isn't what everyone believe in and I apologize, but I suggest you read an article I wrote about cancer here I shall maybe pursue SEO and HTML only, but I am taking down my siteas I can't pursue and keep up Java anymore. I don't want pity and want to thank all in this community for helping me achieve some success. You can help me by spreading the word on lesser known cancers like brain tumors that recieve little to no media or celebrity attention. Thank you Kathy and Bert for HF Java. How I managed to get 4 vendor certifications with an orange sized tumor in my head defies logic. I do a lot of cancer research now and you can follow me on FB on same name or twitter @thejartender

X X X Yucca
11 years ago

I am 29 from South Africa and have been living in Norway a few years.

I am a newly educated developer with a huge (skills array that I am making public here lol).
I spent a good couple of years doing a lot of Java certification and just as I was scouting for work in 2010, I fell seriously ill.
I was diagnosed with an orange-sized brain tumor and had 5 surgeries and was in a coma for a week.

Good news is I am back and strong and looking for work. This is bit hard though given a huge gap in my CV due to illness and lack of experience.
I have not forgotten my skills, but have built on them while undergoing chemo. Over the last year, I have built 3 Facelets sites which include my own site (thejarbar).


I used Maven and Gimp for these projects and wrote a lot of bash scripts that are available at my site if you need to grap a couple of scripts. (videos inclused at YouTube).

I need a hand so if any of you in Norway here of any openings let me know Oh and I can work for free for a year under the Norwegian health insurance scheme (AAP).
So potential bosses can feel a little safer should they wish to give me a run.

Coding for Cancer!
12 years ago
Thank you all. I am making progress and I redid my site http://thejarbar.org and I put a ton of beginner vids on YouTube while on chemo.

I'm currently at a firm doing the oddest thing. They scout sites and improve them. Here are two sites I redid:




12 years ago
Mny thanks to all for support I am almost halfway with chemo and with God I can make this Hard to believe I passed SCJP, SCJD, SCBCD, SCWCD with an orange size tumor growing in my head!! Keep praying and I will keep fighting My site is a mess as I can't code atm, but will get it up and running one day... busy reading a droid book atm.
13 years ago
Hello all and thank you in advance for any help.

I am not seeming to get request scope params rendered into the following code snippet:

The code calling this is a jsp:include as follows:

no exceptions and the line breaks are getting rendered just fine

Usingfollowing taglibs:

<%@ taglib prefix="f" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jstl/core_rt" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="h" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html" %>

I must apologisz for the noobie question as I am getting back into coding after serious illness and appreciate once again any help
13 years ago
Dear friends over at the ranch, I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and am currently undergoing treatment to fight it. Sadly and ironically I may be able to start an application that I had planned to evelop beforehand for the android platform to fight this scurge of diseases that at times are not curable. I wish to pass on my ideas to others to prevent things like this from taking lives unnecessarily especially with regards to cancers that are detectable at early stages before they progress to dangerous phases. Although my tumor has nothing to do with such cancers, it is breast cancer month and software is long overdue to remind both male and females to check their bits on a monthly basis to avoid any regret down the line. Such software, need only work on a timer( set for once a month) or may even be useful in a root OS scenario where it is installed directly in the OS.

Further I wished to enhance such an application with a feature to have a record of medical allergies and current medication that anyone may be on. Why? Well, imagine that you are in an accident one day and are allergic to a type of medication, but are unable to talk? Your phone could talk on your behalf. There are dangers though that need to be countered in the scenario of a handset being resold, so once again it may be better to build this in with any OS to pick up aim swaps etc.

Hope this helps some people in the future or the idea can help save lives.

Best regards and prayers are always welcome.
13 years ago
Need a little help here if possible....

1) I am using hibernate with mysql and tomcat 6.
2) I wish to alter the default 8 hour wait time that mysql comes with.
3) In doing so I have modifies my /etc/my.inf to include the lines:


I then do a restart of mysql server and a show variable query on timout to confirm that the values on no longer defaults.

My system then breaks as tomcat is not able to use hibernate pool for authentication and aditionally the following happens:

I create a new 'test' user and the application works. Additionally trying to recreate the user brings about the necassary exceptions I have defined, indicating that the new test user is sitting in the cache but is never flushed.

Removing the configuration I did makes it work again but I then have to deal with the 8 hour timeout again.

Many thanks for any help.
Could someone in the know please provide me with the most up-to-date details of a repository to get jsf2 dependencies and hibernate 3 dependencies with the requied ejb3 jars?

ta Yucca.
13 years ago

Satyajit Bhadange wrote:hi,

Why filename.java should be same as public class name declared inside java file. Why this convention is followed

and also...why cant we declare class as a private or protected.

As for question one don't question the language layout, it's not our issue..
Question2: Read up on this matter urgently as it's related to some of the security features of Java.
13 years ago
SCWCD is my last exam I passed and I can maybe share some views on it... The material you study for it is valuable, but in my eyes but the exam needs a revamp to introduce the far more improved view technology in JSF. I mention this because JSF is super and you'll most likely benefit a lot from HF book with a good JSF book.
13 years ago
Wow this is reallly legacy now Why they still have SCJD? And who uses a legacy "code" directory Been away for a good few months doing my website the jar bar home page and learning skills to up my ststus as not only s developer but a bit of graphic design to go with it and other things like maven ans JSF
prime time to make a helper and add it to a general jsf lib for future use.
13 years ago
This could not be more irritating... my test environment produces expected results and an application that works. In my production I am not getting authentication to work.I am testing authentication by creating a new user and then attempting to log them in with the correct credentials.

what happens?
I get nothing but the login error page defined in web.xml indicating that the authentication failed. I get nothing in my logs and not even a bubbled exception.

how is my realm configured?
with the following context.xml:

All urls,databases and ttable names are correct as have been checked MANY times.

What do I think could be wrong?
not a tomcat bug but my hosting providers (eapps.com) configuration of tomcat. Of course it is difficult to gwt them to buy it but here is why I think this...

Originally, I wanted hibernate to use a <resource> defined datasource in server.xml global resources and this failed.There was a workaround because hibernate can manage it's own pool but with authentication there is none as this is pure container with no plugins to do this. In short , I do not think tomcat is finding any <resources> in server.xml or context.xml Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?

some more info production an test containers are same version , same jdbc lib jar, exact same database names, table names, column names and user names to narrow down possibilities of errors.
14 years ago