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Recent posts by Duc Vo

Well, resume is just like any business report about your past experience. So except if your resume is too short just 1 or 2 pages, not many recruiters would have to time to dig through your resume to know who you are, what you want or what can you do.

Of course if you write meaningless objective or lengthy summary with generic description which can be applicable for anyone, then it's better not to have them.

The resume objective is not only help the reader but also to help you to focus your writing of your skills and experiences for the objective I.e for developer pos vs for a ba pos vs for an academic pos vs for a graduate program.

The summary should make you stand out and make the reader wants to continue reading your resume. Though, the cover letter should have such info, it's not always the case that your cover letter will accompany your resume when it is passed through the chain of reviewers.

10 years ago
(1) You need an objective -> i.e. what type of position that you are looking for in what type of organisation ... Recruiters need to know if you know what you are looking for.
(2) You need a summary of yourself -> I'm a bla bla ... willing to take initiative .... innovative ... hard working ... outcome oriented ... good teamwork ... excellent communication skills .... etc.
(3) For each of the work experience items, you'll need to focus on achievement. Ask yourself questions like: what did I learn from this position? what did I achieve? what did I contribute to make it better?
(4) Since you just graduate, you may want to list all your university projects as well. And again, you'll need to focus on achievement in those projects.

10 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Of course, if there is a catastrophic shutdown, there's no event that will be triggered.

In such case, the server starting events can be used to reset the flag to 0 for all users flagged as 1.
11 years ago
Not sure how to do that with Android. But should the common solution be to put the text on a panel then rotate it by 180 degrees?
11 years ago
To force download dialog box to appear all you need is to set the "Content-disposition" to "attachment". It's nothing much to do with GWT.
For more information google the keyword "force download html".
11 years ago
If you use an JSP page to generate the link then use the page directive to set the session to false. It should work.


Note: I didn't add the rel="nofollow" in the a tag ???

Or just use a HTLP page instead. Say: old login.jsp redirects to "application_moved.html" where you'll have a link to the new application.
11 years ago

abhilash nalla wrote:
4. Now, when they click on the URL posted on the old server page, it redirects to the log-in page on new Server. They save this link in their favourites. The application works fine for that session. But when they access the application next time using the favourites, it opens login page on new Server, but doesnot let them access when they enter user-id and pwd.

Is there any particular reason that you have to use JSP to redirect user from this URL? Should step 3 point directly to the URL of new app?
11 years ago
Well, practically it's not possible since the issue is with implementation of specs version, not just some dependencies that you can hack through class loader. Though one can say that anything is doable technically, but the cost of doing that is much more than the cost of refactoring your app to the supported version of JSF or trying to convince your client to upgrade WAS and/or using an open source JEE container.

Prasanna Puttappa wrote:

Duc Vo wrote:Well, in that case do you want to elaborate what you meant by "no luck"?

Thanks for your reply. This was a side question and I will get back to the forum after few attempts by me to resolve exceptions. The most important is I am looking for people experience on below

1. Has anyone tried running JSF2.0 on WAS 6.1. Is it working for you?
2. Is it a good idea to run JSF2.0 on WAS 6.1? Any known issues?

Thanks again.

11 years ago
It looks more like you are having an infinite loop instead. You may want to check it out.
Well, in that case do you want to elaborate what you meant by "no luck"?
11 years ago
I agreed with Ravi. One high level class diagram should be good enough. Remember the purpose of the diagram is to show how your system will work, not how you are implementing the system. In my assignment (Big Cigar), I only have about 15 classes including only entities (with only entity names) and service beans (with only method names - no signatures).

Anyway, in real life if your diagrams aren't understandable within 5 minutes, you won't be able to sell your solution to any executive which is normally on of the main objectives of a SA.
Do you have to run on WAS? If it is just for demonstration purpose, tomcat should be good enough.
11 years ago
What are the answers in the mock exam?
It's actually quite clear. From the question:

Which of these steps could be performed? (Choose three.)

Which means you need to perform all three steps.