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Recent posts by mukesh nair

Vyas Sanzgiri wrote:What is the reason for static url?

Thanks for the reply.
we want static URL
1.As there are few members of our team who believe it will make application more secure as externally users will see only one URL.
2.As it was an existing application the business persons feel that it will be great to have a static URL so that no one access/sees other pages/controller called internally.
10 years ago
We have an application written in j2ee framework which has a single servlet which controls all the flow in the application.So here
we have a single url seen on the browser,And internally it redirects to classes according to action that's is coming in.Now we want to change this
project to spring application and turn this servlet into a good controller and attain a MVC format application.
The hurdle is we want our application to have static url after we turn it into spring application.So actually if it is http://localhost:8080/TEST
we want to keep it same throughout the application flows.
Since this is a legacy application and has to support multi browser compatibility we cant use frames here.
I am new to spring so please excuse if some one feels the question as dumb.
10 years ago
for price you can use float
and for customer_id you can go varchar as if it contain alphanumeric values
11 years ago
if possible download Oracle express database in your local system first
and install it
then download Sqldeveloper from oracle site
in that you have option to migrate data between two database ie from test to oracle xe
create a schema and name it as your test database then migrate using the Sqldeveloper
it s better you prepare a list of just the essentials you want and then select it in migration wizard
its easy but do it when no one is using the test db
11 years ago
First of all thanks Paul Sturrock for giving me a correct direction

We are using Myeclipse Blue and trying to lower the use of RADs
so as you told i went searching IBM tools and found two interesting tools
IBM HeapAnalyzer and IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector
this tool really gave an overview of objects that are being created and been garbage collected
Then i went for trial version of YourKit (it took time to configure it)
Now i got all the packages that are slow in response and methods that consume a lot of memory

But i am not leaving it i am learning Garbage Collection in detail

11 years ago

Hi All,

We are using Websphere 6.1 appserver to deploy our j2ee apllication currently our login process to the application is creating a huge heap dump so in general the login process to the app is very slow sometimes more than 11 sec .i am relatively new to profiling and all i am trying to first optimize the application using websphere tuning but i dont know how much it will be successfull
guys do anyone know any profiler (freeware or trial ware ) that can help me for heap analysis and better performance management ?
I am also trying code by code analysis since its a comlicated login having ldap and oracle connections it is taking time!
so please suggest any simple tools or ways so that i can opimize the login heap creation.

Mukesh Nair
11 years ago