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Recent posts by leena rane

Congrats Gagan,
What man!! didn't get 101% ....
didn't use all those exam tips i sent to you ??
Oh ,good you have thanked me!!
after all nobody has disturbed you as much as me
cyaa in mailbox,
best regards,
Hearty congratulations Jim!!
very happy for you
Nice day indeed,
i read today that you have become SCJP and my best friend Gagan Indus has become SCWCD almost at the same time
Congratulations again,
and all the best for your future
best regards,
22 years ago

Originally posted by Marilyn deQueiroz:
Congratulations. You have learned a lot.

Thanx a lot Marilyn.
getting this comment from a sheriff - biggest gift for me from
javaranch.Your comment has indeed encouraged me a lot.
Thanx again,

22 years ago
I am happy to know that my notes helped you.
As i am giving another exam soon,i have a little problem with
time.But i would like to put some notes on thread and i/o as
soon as it is possible and i would be very happy if i can help
anybody preparing for SCJP.In the mean time i hope you have gone
through some tips on i/o preparation that i have given on page 1.
All the best for your preparation
I will hopefully improve my writing skills soon
1 thing for sure,i like writing a lot.
All the best for SCJP
thanx a lot for the wishes,
nice to hear from you after so long
all the best for your future
thanx for the wishes,
you deserve a pat on your back (AS400 to java)

[This message has been edited by leena rane (edited November 15, 2001).]
22 years ago
Jim ,
I can understand you.
It is difficult to be satisfied with preparations to any extent.
Do you know i was actually going to pospone my test(i was not 100% satisfied with my preparation),but in the end could not.
>Prob is I'm getting seriously burnt out! its been 4 1/2 months hard
>work and my concentration is starting to suffer!
dear,i had similar problem in one of the weeks.
So just think,this is natural and forget it and concentrate on your preparation.
>With those scores in mind are they good enough to get a pass
You are really doing good.Keep it up.All the best.
I would suggest:
=>henceforth give topic-wise exam in jwhiz (don't try any other mocks now).
=>before giving exam in a particular topic read books on that topic,
only then give the exam.Make this a rule for every topic.
=>any doubt mark the question,get doubts clarified ...
=>in fact keep notepad and dos-prompt(or whatever u use) open for any clarification,
sometimes i used to get my doubts cleared during the mock-exam through notepad -dos prompt(off course after i became confident of completing exam in time)
=>even if you have got some question in jwhiz rote ..no problem..keep giving the exams.
=>Try to get all answers in JWhiz right!!
(off course it won't be the case when you give 1st time, but gradually..)
"which question in JWhiz dares to come wrong when you are giving it".
Keep repeating this to yourself as you give the exams.concentrate hard on each question.
oops did i talk too much
my best wishes are with you
best regards,
22 years ago
Great.... man!!!
fond of 90's always ??
keep it up,
how about a treat for the double 90's
(Hey this is my first message at this forum)

Originally posted by chandrashekar munukutla:
Now it is easy to remember.

Happy to know it helped you

In your notes on Object reference and casting above, you mixed
up primitive conversion & casting with Object conversion and

No i don't think i have mixed up primitive and object conversion
and casting.Every use of an example is intentional,to
simplify some point.I don't know whether you would agree with
this.(off course if anybody feels,it is breaking the link in
reading,please tell me,i shall delete them)

I guess you can give example of Object conversions and casting
as given in RHE. And a note on primitive ones aswell. That
would be great.

RHE is more than sufficient for primitive conversions and
casting.If you are finding any trouble ,do let me know.
22 years ago
Congrats Shyam,

I know you deserve much much more than this.
I have seen your preparations,and i don't want to know your marks.I am very happy with a person who has made his java fundamentals strong(though got a little less),
rather than a person who was just exam oriented(and maybe scored high)
So cheer up!!!
(Just say to yourself -> you are certified,and you deserve it)
There is a lot to prove ahead,
All the best for your future
22 years ago
I am extremely sorry,i could not reply your mails.
Let me answer one of your question:
You said you had difficulty remembering operator
Let's look at this story from my latest novel
There was a boy named Annar
There was a girl named Arithma shift
both developed a relationship
Finally they got married and bought a house.
One day,there was fire in the house.
The reason of the fire was unclear.
Was that due to bit of short circuit in the house?
Alas,all became = to ash.
Everything was over

The story(the biggest flop) in short:
(now remember only this - forget the bigger story)

Now let's see the casting for the roles:

I hope this will help you,

[This message has been edited by leena rane (edited November 08, 2001).]
22 years ago

Originally posted by Jim Petersen:
Leena you should save this for a Book !

I had a good laugh reading your comment
Thanx a lot.
22 years ago
We come to the end of torture
1.object reference conversions:
done completely at compile time
none of the 9 rules should be violated,then it compiles.
(while applying rules just look at LHS and RHS types not the
actual object type-which could be totally different than the LHS
and RHS type)
If it compiles then it is definitely going to run//u know why-
done entirely at compile time
2.object reference casting:
a.compile time check->10 rules satisfied then compilation
successful else compile time error
(while applying rules just look at LHS and RHS types not the
object type-which could be totally of different than the LHS and
RHS type)
if it compiles->
b.run-time check:
do what i have said between ****
i.e we actually have to bother what type is the object of
irresective of what type is on RHS.Replace(imagine) RHS type
with some reference of the type,of which the object is actually
Do not change LHS type.
Now ask this question to yourself->can the LHS type point to the
imaginary RHS type
to get the answer to this apply conversions rule
22 years ago
Now we come to object reference casting
22 years ago
(please do not read completely in 1 day)

(i guess i am a very bad writer )

[This message has been edited by leena rane (edited November 10, 2001).]
22 years ago
Dear all,
Frankly speaking,i draw diagrams to take decisions whether
an object ref. conversion or casting is valid or not.I am
finding it difficult to put it in words
(I can explain it within no time to a person sitting next to
me).I have put my best efforts but still am not satisfied
whether it will be easy to understand.Please give me feedback,
which part i have not written clearly,i will quickly try to
better it.Also this is not a topic which you should try to
grasp in 15 minutes.Take breaks in between otherwise it will
be very boring.
(next message is about obj. ref. conversion)
(after that is obj. ref. casting)
all the best
22 years ago
Congrats Rashmi
All the best 4 ur future
22 years ago