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Recent posts by Ling Wu

Originally posted by Nanhesru Ningyake:
>But singing praises to Taliban or Osama bin Laden right now is really making my stomach churn
There are millions of people who think Osama is a great fella; and that he's doing an excellent job teaching the infidels a lesson. So why should hearing just a couple of supporting voices on this forum cause so much grief for you?

I can't tell if you are serious or joking. But what ticks me off is not the fact that millions outside U.S. singing his praises. But in this country, we have been trying very hard since Sept. 11 to educate American citizens not to mistreat our muslim fellow citizens simply because they are muslims, because they have done nothing to cause the terrorist attack on us. But for some of us on this forum who are obvious American citizens to even begin to make an effort to justify the actions of Osama bin Laden who advocates killing Americans indiscrimitively saying that he is only defending his country and beliefs, that is what makes my stomach churn.

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21 years ago

Originally posted by Mohammed Arif Attar:
After a long time, a group of people called the Taliban have tried to unite the people of Afghanistan and are trying to live a dignified pure life. Their views on women may be extreme. But just imagine yourself in their place. Having seen or heard about the kind of degraded 'status' you have granted your women, its natural for them to have gone to the other extreme.

Originally posted by Shama Khan:
Usama Bin Ladin is guilty of not wanting U.S. forces in his birth country. The case against him in terms of being a terrorist has not been proven nor ever will be as Tony Blair has already stated that the evidence against him will not stand in the court of law.

Under normal circumstances, I would love to hear difference of opinions from various angles. But singing praises to Taliban or Osama bin Laden right now is really making my stomach churn. Even if we haven't heard concrete evidence against bin Laden and his terrorist group (although it doesn't mean there isn't any), isn't it enough for you when you saw and heard him spewing poison on TV? Bet he'd love to hear American citizens coming to his defense.
21 years ago
It may not be vice versa. But this whole business of measuring people's happiness across the board sounds like a load of #$&!) to me. For Western countries where societies and economies have been stable for a very, very long time, yeah, you may find more people who are satisfied with their lives the way they are. But for developing countries where people have just started to see opportunities on the horizon, when they say they are not happy with their lives, they may very well mean that they want more than what they have right now. This by no means indicates that those people the survey calls "the saddest" are in despair or misery (like you would call people in Afghanistan right now). There are also people in this world that are happy with what they have even it is very little materially and have no wish to want more, because they believe that is God's will. It is so unreliable and unfair to measure people's happiness with the same standards.
21 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:
Immigration problems exist throughout the world. Many countries have serious "problems" with it. I don't think we need to necessarily look at immigrants as coming here to "take our jobs" or anything like that. These are just people seeking a better life for themselves and their family, and you can't really blame someone for that.

I am an immigrant. Naturally I have no problems with people immigrating towards better lives. What I have issues with is people bad-mouthing America and still shamelessly taking every advantage they can of this country. Anyone holding the "My politics, culture and religion are superior to yours. But I want your jobs and dollars and all the other good stuff" attitude needs to know that you can't have it both ways. The good life in America belongs to those hard working people who truly love this great country. If you don't, you know where you can go.
21 years ago

Originally posted by srinath prasad:
We Indians are the wealthiest among all ethnic groups in America,
even faring better than the whites and the natives.
There are 3.22 millions of Indians in USA (1.5% of population). YET,
38% of doctors in USA are Indians.
12% scientists in USA are Indians.
36% of NASA scientists are Indians.
34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
28% of IBM employees are Indians.
17% of INTEL scientists are Indians.
13% of XEROX employees are Indians

Sounds to me like brain-drain for India. Of course, India's loss is United States' (and some Western European countries') gain.
But why aren't those talented, creative, wealthy Indian people staying in India to make IT the most productive, wealthy, and creative country instead?

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21 years ago

Originally posted by Andy Ceponis:
And just how is anyone supposed to know the difference between an arab, a muslim and a sikh? I can almost guarantee you that even you dont. I know i dont. And i can also guarantee that 99.99% of other Americans cant either. Thats like saying can you tell the difference between a baptist and a member of the kkk.
Arent some arabs muslims? and arent some muslims sikhs? and arent some muslims arbas? get the picture?

That is part of the problem. Although many hate crimes have been committed by those who are simply evil, there are also many committed by people who fail or refuse to learn and understand cultures, religions and customs that are different from theirs. Many of us in this country have not bothered to get to know one another enough on a personal basis, even though we may be neighbors. I used to live in a big house with Americans and students from other coutries. I had a Sikh housemate from whom I learned much about his culture, religion, customs, etc. Over the years while in school, I have also got to know many other people from different parts of the world and believe in different religions. Such experiences have prevented me from jumping into hasty conclusions from time to time. If I hadn't had such chances, I might have made incorrect assumptioins as many others do right this moment.
21 years ago
I'm MAD beyond words!
These bastards are such cowards. They (the still living ones behind the whole thing) don't even have the guts to come out and face the world. Every single one of those who have planned, supported and carried out the hijacking and murdering on Tuesday will go to the -18th floor of hell (as the Chinese saying goes) and get burned for eternity. Even that is way too easy on them. Sorry about the ranting. But I can't help it. I just can't believe that there are such worthless human beings on this planet, or maybe they shouldn't be called humans at all.
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21 years ago

Originally posted by Rosie Vogel:

Yes! I recently had the honor of meeting a great nurse whose entire professional life has been devoted to caring for the dying. She is not being paid near as much as I would like to think people with her qualification and devotion should have been paid and she has ensured abuses from some her patients families many a times. But the pull of feeling rewarded caring for people who desperately need her help is just too strong for her to stay away. She also works nights so the family can sleep better knowing that she is with their loved ones. Not everybody can do what she does. And she sure is one of very few on this planet that has not chosen an easy way, but for sure has chosen the most noble way, to make a living.
21 years ago

Originally posted by Angela Poynton:
I'm not sure if I would have prefered to have been born in a different country but I have always felt I belonged in America. On my two visits there I have felt a kind of "Inner peace" and it's been a very difficult thing to come back over the ocean.
I do think that I will spend a significant part of my life there, just not yet!

This is almost exactly how I have always felt, except I AM very sure that I wouldn't have preferred to have been born in a different country. I'm glad I was born in China (anywhere else wouldn't be authentic)and was given the chance to learn my cultural heritage, which I've come to appreciate more and more as I grow older. I wouldn't want to be of any other ethnic background and I don't wish to be born a Japanese or Korean, either. But for a good part of my life, I always felt a very strong pull from America. When I saw this country for the very first time in 1984, it was like deja vu. No cultural shock whatsoever. So I am a Chinese-born American through and through. And I love it. Wouldn't change a thing.
21 years ago

Originally posted by Sridevi Kovvali:
But saying Humans are inconsistent is different from saying Vegetarians are inconsistent.

Please don't get too defensive about this. I don't believe anyone in this thread is deliberately attacking the vegetarians just because they choose not to eat meat. The reason that only vegetarians, not the entire human race, is brought up for arguement here is because vegetarianism is the topic. I myself is a meat eater with vegetarian friends of varying degrees (diary but no meat, no meat and diary, etc....). I have a lot of respect for their choice and I do cook vagitarian meals of their choice when I invite them for dinner. My questions posted earlier about using leather products and animal testing for medical and scientific research reflected my frustration toward views from some vegitarians who often use such acusitive words such as cruelty and unnecessary slaughtering to describe human consumption of meat, yet who display behavior voice opinions inconsistant with their views. You tell me what kind of reasoning is that: the animals are already dead so what harm can it be to use the skin?
I guess mud slinging comes from both trenches in frustration to defend their own beliefs and hurt is felt by both in the meantime. I sure hope we can try to understand each other, or at least agree to disagree, and co-exist peacefully ever after. Of course, meat eaters and vegitarians will co-exist whether we want to make it peaceful or not.
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21 years ago

Originally posted by Cindy Glass:
No Taiwanese are Orientals, so are Chinese. You are confusing the nationality with the race.

I have been reading all the postings so far and keeping seeing the words "race" and "nationality". Yet I haven't seen, or remember seeing, the word "ethnicity" being mentioned. First of all, people living in Taiwan and Mainland China are all Chinese. They are orientals, so are Japanese and Koreans. Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese are of the same race -- Asian-- but not of the same ethnicity. Nationality is a political and geographical description of a group of people. If your nationality is Chinese, then you must be a citizen of China but not necessarily be a Chinese ethnically. Even within China, there are a large number of ethnic groups whose nationality is Chinese but their ethnicities can be Mongolian, Korean, etc......
There are also Caucations in China who are citizens of that country. Therefore their nationality will be Chinese. However, their race is still Caucation and their ethnicity could be French, German, or Swidish, etc......
Sorry, I know I'm getting off the track here. Can't help it. Have to clear the air for myself.

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21 years ago

Originally posted by Sridevi Kovvali:
It is nature's surivival rules to eat a weaker one to survive like tiger eating deer. But humans have reasoning and you have the choice whether to follow the animal instincts in you by killing something for your basic need or stay away from it.
Science wouldn't have advanced for the betterment of humans and animals without research and experiments it has nothing to do with a person being a veggie though everyone whether veggie/non-veggie opposes the killing of innoncent animals for experiments or other reasons like fur etc. I haven't taken till now any medicine which has some animal fat in it.

1. Do you use anything that is made of leather, such as shoes, bags, belts, etc. If you do, do you consider this typpe of consumption basic needs and not simply "killing of innocent animals"?
2. OK, you may not have taken any medicine that contains animal fat. But do you refrain from taking medicines that have been developed by being tested on animals? If you do, how can you tell which ones were never tested on animals? What about medical procedures? If you were critically ill and in need of a medical procedure or medication that have involved in testing on animals, would you rather give up your health , or even your life, as a gesture to protest cruelty to animals?
I have constently see conflicts in people's opinions on such issues. Yet I haven't been able to get any satisfactory answers from those holding such views. I believe there are very few people who would be for any unnecessary torture of animals in the name of science or medicine, or human consumption. But the fine line does exist between what is necessary and what isn't. It is always easy to say that one is against "killing and torturing of innocent animals for the benefit of humans" because it is catchy and can easily put someone on a quilt trip. But can those who is against killing of animals for scientific research or human consumption clearly and truthfully answer my questions above?
21 years ago

Originally posted by Tintin Herge:
I am really bored. Am Contemplating Suicide. At 24 , I have No GirlFriends, No Dates, No Fun, No Life. Just some good money in the Bank but thats no good if I am not Enjoying it. Just Work and Home and Work And Home. Is Suicide the only option or Can things get better ?? All Suggestions/Advices/Brickbats are welcome

Is it possible to:
-- cut back on work hours;
-- look into joining groups or clubs that do things that will interest you;
-- meet women during times with the above group(s)/club(s);
-- or spend your spare time on Internet dating? (I seem to remember seeing a post on this forum about someone finding his wife through Internet)
OK, cutting back on work hours may cause negatively impact on your bank account. But compared to being driven to suicide by boredom, fewer dollars in your pocket may just bring a whole lot more happiness in the end. Of course, you will have to open your eyes very wide and look very hard while out there using your spare time to socialize with female kind.
Once you have found the one that pulls your heart string, you may never want to go back to work all hours again.

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21 years ago