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Recent posts by Aditya Keyal

Since the JSP's placed within WEB-INF are protected you will have to use an action mapping to reach the JSP.
What you need to do is
a) Define an action path of type ForwardAction which allows you to directly goto the JSP inside the WEB-INF.
b) Call this from the current JSP using'') either onclick or on windows load.

12 years ago

Ivan Krizsan wrote:Hi!
Have you, as I suggested in my earlier post, modified in the @WebService annotation to point to the existing WSDL, using the wsdlLocation attribute?
Best wishes!

Hi Ivan,

I am trying to re-use my existing wsdl for a JAX-WS application I created. (I am using Glassfishv3 with RI version - JAX-WS RI 2.2-hudson-752).

I placed my wsdl in the WEB-INF/wsdl folder. the value of @WebService.wsdlLocation is the name of my wsdl file . However every time I access the wsdl a generated file is being dispensed.
When I referred the glassfish RI 2.2 annotation documents it says that this feature is currently not implemented. I was wondering which version of RI or server were you using. Or if I am doing something wrong please let me know. Thanks.
13 years ago
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the update. My confusion is because I thought that if a operation does not satisfy the pre-condition for a oneway operation (but has been annotated as @OneWay) it shouldnt be allowed to be deployed in the first place. But I guess they have taken a more generic approach in the implementation.
13 years ago
I am trying to test a few things in JAX-WS. I am using J2SE 1.6.0_17 for testing.

When I tried to create a SEI with a Oneway method declared with a return type, It created a wsdl: operation with only wsdl:input no wsdl: output.
I thought this behavior was in contradiction with JSR 181 and JAX-WS 2.0 Specs [Conformance (One-way mapping errors): Implementations MUST prevent mapping to one-way operations
of methods that do not meet the necessary criteria.]

Please correct me if there have been any updates which I may be unaware of. Thanks.


13 years ago
I think you should just try google for such a search.. however a service that I have used in the past is:
it is simple and effective.. for more details refer to the following page:

13 years ago
I am using the spring 2.5.x and Java 5. My requirement is to run a few processes in parallel using CompletionService (Java 5).
The code is structured as below :
MyCompletionServiceImpl adds 4 different MyCallableImpl . All the above are spring beans. However the tasks that are performed within the callable implementation in turn invoke use some classes (again spring injected) which have DB operations and some ApplContext.getBean calls. However the ApplContext.getBean does not result in the correct bean being found. (Which is available in the original spring context). Can someone please advise on how do we make child threads spring aware. (I cannot reload the spring files in the child threads since performance will take a major hit).

14 years ago
To check the header and other details on IE use the TCP/IP Monitor available with eclipse IDE. Its FREE and really easy to use. That will help you identify the final header being set.

14 years ago
Good so that pretty much solves your problem. There is an error in the database retrieval of the username and password. Please look into the server logs, identify the issue and then go ahead and solve it / log it in the correct forum.
14 years ago
Just in case you could not understand what Bear wanted to indicate try this link. Pagination

As for you excel/csv, retrieve all the records and write them into a file instead of adopting the above process.
14 years ago
Also can you check the server logs. I have a feeling your database call might be failing but is getting caught in the catch-block and absorbed. Check your server logs first to confirm if you have any errors.
14 years ago
1) For starters log the values of password and username that you have retrieved from the database. They are an obvious mismatch from the input values thats why you are not being authenticated.

2) You are retrieving all the rows from your database table. Which means that even if your password and username is correct but there are more than one sets of correct username's and passwords your program has a high chance of not working.
So retrieve a row using the specific username in the WHERE clause. It will help.

3) Also preferred is that you should log the values you have retrieved from the request scope by first reading them into a string variable.
14 years ago
Can you also show the code that you use to stream back the pdf..?
14 years ago
The reason you do not get any response when you use <html:text is because ><html:text does NOT contain any attribute called format. To display a date in html:text you have to set the correct date string in the request/form and then display it correspondingly.

The display:column issue needs to be checked. Can you check the server logs when the formatting does not work.>
14 years ago
The best place to put a property file in a WebApp (WAR/EAR file) would be in the src folder.

The ideal demarcation would be like this:

- java
- config
- resources

Now place all the property files under the resources section. The config is mainly for xml files.

You can now pick up the property using a classpath resource loader or even using struts property loader.
14 years ago

AFAIK spring does not really provide you any facility to scan/parse/assimilate data present in hbm.xml files since they are a part of Hibernate and not really Spring. If you were populating a map with all the named queries or calling the named queries by setting their values in a bean then it was a different scenario and could be tackled by way of Spring.