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Ramy Raslan

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since Dec 03, 2008
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Recent posts by Ramy Raslan

yes the code run with no problems it's just no icon on vista
i will try some other ways and but my feed back asap

thanks every one for helping me
14 years ago

first thanks all for your time, contributions and help

for your questions

createImage is a method is a method in the example look at the class bottom

for the image name I put both of them in the same directory images and double checked it
they both are their

thanks again and any help is very much appreciated
14 years ago
I am using the example in sun site and it throw exception so i try this line

to replace this line

and it didn't throw exception but i can't see my image in the system tray but i steel can right click on it and see the menu

using java 6 update 12 on windows vista 32 bit ultimate sp1

thank you for your time
14 years ago
yes i know that but sadly i work on rational 6
which is the worst IDE you can see and it give me hard times
in my DB connection which is DB2 v8.1 express
bottom line i was in too much trouble with the db2 driver import to import any other jar

but thanks any way for the heads up i will sure take it in
consideration in the future
14 years ago
it works it just needed to be but into anther array of bytes
using the start position and end position

[ December 14, 2008: Message edited by: Ray Man ]
[ December 14, 2008: Message edited by: Ray Man ]
14 years ago
thanks for your reply can i ask you for some names of this libraries
14 years ago
Upload form

Upload servlet

Download servlet
14 years ago
i uploaded this .txt file


but it into a DB2 Blop then download it in OutputStream

find this file

-----------------------------311112870412835 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename="New Text Document.txt" Content-Type: text/plain StartText{{{{{}}}}}EndText -----------------------------311112870412835 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="SUBMIT" UPLOAD -----------------------------311112870412835--

as you can see any edit to the response is written to the OutputStream
which destroy all .doc and .jpeg file
can any one help
14 years ago