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Nilessh Ganu wrote:Good Score, Congrats!

Thanks Nileesh...
11 years ago

arulk pillai wrote:Congrats and keep up the good work

Thanks Arul..
11 years ago
Hi All,

Finally after 4 months of wait, i have received mail from oracle yesterday about my assignment that i have passed with a score of 148/160. It is a great feeling to be in the 1% of the elite group.

My Assignment was "DreamCar", submitted on 21st July and essay exam on 23rd July.

I would like to thank Jeanne, Rishi, Ashutosh Sharma , and other JavaRanch members for their contribution in this forum.


11 years ago
11 years ago

Saket Mittal wrote:Hi Amit/Ashutosh

If we include components in the component diagram which we think already exist for the SuD and are out of scope we don't have to include the corresponding classes / JSPs etc in the class diagram correct ?

For e.g. in your case below you wouldn't have included Login, Logout JSPs, Authetication Backing Bean, User Business Logic in your class diagrams right ?
If we do not have to include the corresponding classes then the component diagram would just contain the name of the Component ?


Hi Saket

I did the same. Please note that my result is NOT declared as yet.


Sharma Ashutosh wrote:I had BSCS assignment and i also made the same assumption but i provided the components in the component diagram. Remember you might not be expected to architect and design full end to end system but your component or system context diagram(big picture diagram) should contain everything.

Many thanks Ashutosh.
Hi Friends

As per one of the use case in the assignment, user post requests for parts for bidding by suppliers. Is it ok to call it as PartRequest or should it be called BidRequest. The provided domain model calls it "Request" which is a very generic.
Hi There

I am planning to put in the assumption section that Authentication/Login module already exists for the SuD and is therefore out of scope for this assignment. In this case, do I need to show Login, Logout JSPs, Authetication Backing Bean, User Business Logic and LDAP in the component diagram?

Is it safe to put such an assumption?
Following is the email reply that I have receieved from Oracle yesterday

Hi Amit,

Please note we have extended the deadline to earn the SCEA credentials without mandatory course requirement to 01 October 2011. We will be updating this information on our website by 28 June 2011.

OCP Team
Thanks Youssef. I agree with you that in the example you gave its probably ok to use EJB3 timer.
My question is NOT about whether I need a timer. My question is more generic i.e. when to use and when not to use EJB timers and one should look for other schedulers e.g. Quartz. For example
EJB Timer Services is not recommended to use for building real-time applications (mission critical applications), as the expiration may not happen accurately at all times because of certain factors like the network latency, underlying implementation etc.
great news Will. You made my day.