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Recent posts by Durga Penmatsa

Congratulations and Best of luck for part 2.
Hi All,
Today I cleared step 1 with 91%. Thanks to this forum for some interesting discussions. I brought the mock exams from INE systems. I tried 4 mock exams from INE systems simulator, I failed all the mocks with 28/48. My confidence went down after I wrote the mocks. Then I went back to my favorite site to find out review comments about INE systems simulator at
I completely agree to the review comments made on INE systems simulator at the above link.
- The mocks were tougher than the real exam.
- Simultor asked to find the design pattern looking at UML diagram. Real exam didn't have any of these questions.
- Simulator had options like "there is only one other correct option", the real exam didn't have such options.
- There are lots of small bugs which I reported to INE systems.

My Prepration:
Books I read:
- Completely read Mark Cade book
- Read some chapters from Joseph Bambara book from Osborne ( I felt boring reading this book).
- EJB by Richard Monson-Haefel
- Design patterns from our SCEA links http://www.patterndepot.com/put/8/JavaPatterns.htm
- I read EJB and Design Patterns thoroughly. Remaining topics I just looked at the links from the forums.
It is always helpful to write as many mock exams as possible. I had been looking at Javaranch forum and scea_prep for the past 3 months. Javaranch forum had some questions which were lot helpful in the real exam.
Thank you once again and keep up the good work.
Let me know if anyone needs any further information on preparing for the exam.
Cade's study case is the last chapter in the book "Sun certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology study guide" by Mark Cade, Simon Roberts.

when you call getPersonInfo() it should obviously run on server side, as the information is on server. The VO is send back as a serialized object to the client.
Hope this helps.

Originally posted by L Goundalkar:
I have this basic doubt on Value Object.
In value object, the object is passed to the client. ( ?? )
Are we using XML here??
Lets say we have Peron Object for ex:
public class Person {
private String name;
private int age;
private String city;
/* Getters and setter for the above variables.
Then we have ChatUser class which has method returning the Person Object.
public class ChatUser {
public Person getPersonInfo(String id) {
So when I need the Person object, on the client side to display the details. How exactly the things work.
When I call getPersonInfo() what happens ? will it be executed on client or server?
Naturally it will be Server. So how Value Object is implemented in this case.
Thanks for the reply.

Hi Vas,
If you are new to web components, I guess "core
servlets and Java Server Pages" should be a good start. Also Web is a good resource.

Originally posted by vasu maj:
hey, congrats. i postponed my SCJP exam twice, was cursing myself for scheduling the test on monday and forgetting to reschedule on the friday... gave the test reluctantly on monday and passed the test. so i know the feeling!
and, I am going to schedule SCWCD test on a monday and hope i will forget rescheduling it!
seriously, what do you think is the best start for this test? i saw that professional jsp is well recommended and bought it but its size gives me jitters..

Hi Reddi,
-Web was my greatest resource.
-Apart from that I read core servlets and Java server pages from Marty Hall. Its easy to read.
- I did not read "more servlets and Java server pages", but from reviews I can see its also a good
- Looked at Professional JSP for only custom Tags.
Hope this helps

Originally posted by J Reddi:
Hi Durga,
an u please let us know what books you studied???
Congrats, Pass is a pass.
You can now work on other goals, SCWCD is out of your way now.
J Reddi

Thanks Madhav

Originally posted by Madhav Lakkapragada:
- madhav

hello everyone,
I have no idea about Jwhiz but I used JWebplus,
for both Scjp and Scwcd, JWebplus does a very good job, questions are very similar to what we get in the real exam.
And also from web i could find that there is a book coming on SCWCD kit from manning publications, it may get released in June.
Thanks Deepti.
Not yet decided what's next, I guess may be

Originally posted by Deepti Chalichama:
Congratulations Durga!
What next?

Hi Jim,
I just crossed the pass mark 64%.
I had taken 2 mock tests from JwebPlus,
Test1 - 50%
Test2 - 73%

Originally posted by Jim Baker:
Could you tell us your score? Did take any
mock tests
before you did the real test? If yes, which one
and what score you got? Thanks.

Hi All,
Today I cleared SCWCD.
I reshceduled my exam twice before, last friday I forgot to reschedule, so I had to take it. I had sataurday and sunday to prepare. Javaranch was much useful to get a passing score.
I have no experience on coding Jsp or Servlets.
What I used in these two days:
-Exam prep by Marty Hall was much helpful
-I took 2 practice tests from JWebPlus. JWebPlus
has a good coverage of all the objectives.
-servlet and Jsp specifications which I read may be 3 or 4 months ago.
About the Exam:
I would say the exam was not easy, it realy has some tricky questions. Some questions were direct, that needs some memory.
What I got in the exam:
- lot of questions on authentication, security.
- listeners
- tld elements
- lot of custom tag questions
- javabeans
- patterns
- thread safety
- easy questions on deployment descriptor
If you have experience in web components it should be cake walk to clear this exam.
Even if you dont have experience its not tough to clear but definetly needs some prepration.
JavaRanch's links were very much useful. Its a good starting point.
Thanks once again JavaRancher's, keep up the good work, your efforts are much appreciated.
Please let me know of any questions!
Thanks Tim, got your point.
I had written a HttpServlet, which has two init methods.
1.public void init() throws ServletException
2.public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException.
I found that both the init methods got executed, why is that so?.
I thought only one of them will get executed.
I would like to know if there are any questions being asked on filtering?
Thanks in advance
[This message has been edited by Durga Penmatsa (edited September 24, 2001).]
Hi All,
I had to right my own code. I tried going thru entire list, test for matching objects and used setSelectedValue() for matching object, but that did not work. I had to find out indices of matching objects and use setSelectedIndices(int[]).
Any doubts

Originally posted by Durga Penmatsa:
I have a JList, I am looking for a method like setSelectedValues(Object[]), but api does not have this method, can some one help me if there is any work around for this.

22 years ago