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Recent posts by aparna shinde

thanks for correcting me. Anonymous class can implement only one interface or can extend only one class. My question is why only one interface?
Anonymous inner class can extend only one class and can implement only one interface. Please correct me if i am wrong. if not, please do let me know why only one interface or one class
No of questions & passing percentage of SCJP exam is subject to change time to time. Can anyone let me know that how many no of questions will be there in SCJP5 & wht will be passing percentage now?
these rules are really helpful !!! Good work anand

Originally posted by Jesper Young:
Have a look at this from the FAQ: Post increment operator and assignment

Hi Jesper,

thanks for the guidance
class Inc{
public static void main(String argv[]){
Inc inc = new Inc();
int i =0; inc.fermin(i);
i = i++;
void fermin(int i){

In above problem 0 is printed on console.

if we will use other variable j=0 & if we say i=j++; then j will incremented to 1

Please guide me in above case

Originally posted by subhasish nag:
please read Why programming to interface discussion

[ December 14, 2008: Message edited by: subhasish nag ]

Thank you very much
List<String> myList= new ArrayList<String>();

we can also create ArrayList using ArrayList object reference.

ArrayList<String> myList=new ArrayList<String>();

Then why such polymorphic-interface reference is used to create such concrete collections object.
I want to know how much depth of Garbage Collection, Thread synchronization concepts is neccessary for SCJP5. To score maximum on questions including above concepts what more preparation is needed along with its basic info.

These are concepts which I find bit tedious. If anyone can guide Please share the thoughts.