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Recent posts by Nadine Ernest

Hi Ritchie,
yeah im starting to get better with it!!
please check out my other question....i wrote the gui code but it gives me an is the link:

thanks sooo much for your help!
dont worry i would never use netbeans or eclipse or any of that sophisticated software!!
im using JCreator!!
its really good actuallly!!!

waiting for your reply on my other question!!
15 years ago
Hi, i just wrote this code and it compiles but it just doesnt give me anything....when i click the run button on Jcreator it tells me

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main
Exception in thread "main"
Process completed.

and this is my code:

What is the problem???!!!
why it doesnt run?!?!!

thanks a lot!
15 years ago
Today was my first day to start GUI, im still trying to understand it

i have a problem,,
what does this mean?!!

i dont understand the second line what does it do?!
what is the ?!! what is it supposed to do and the ??

please be clear because today is my first day in graphic user interface!
thank youuu soo much!!
15 years ago
No actually the right answer is 6!!

so heres how you're supposed to do it:

you push the 2 3 4 5 into the stack so now the stack looks like this:


and so you + the first two wich is 5+4 = 9. and now the stack looks like this


you do this 9*3 which is 27
and now the stack looks like this:


and now you add 24 and the stack will look like this:


and now you do the - operation
which will be 27-24=3

and now the stack looks like this


and now you perform the * operation and so it will give you 3*2 which is the 6 and now the stack looks like this


tell me campbell you agree with me?!
15 years ago

ive tried using the stack in evaluating this but it didnt work with this expression coz of the last - *

check it out:

the answer is 6!!

i just dont know how!!
please help make this simple to me....!!

thanks in advance
15 years ago
Ernest Friedmann Hill : thank you soo much ,, you made it really simple for me to understand it!! its an honor to have you here to help us in our problems!!

Fred Rosenberger : thanks ,,, i got it now!!

15 years ago
so im a bit confused about the

what does it mean?
does it mean the previous of the current and then the next of the previous of the previous current which is the current itself.............i know thats wrong soooo how do i not confuse it again"???

and explain please this one too


thanks in advance...
15 years ago
aha...thank youuuu soo much!!

i totally misunderstood the whole thing,,,i read it upside down! (silly me!)

15 years ago
In the priority queue,
i dont understand these two methods....

they are the opposite of what should be done,, i think they give the maximum but in the data structures book it says the following

to remove the minimum:

and the other method is to peek on the minimum in the PRIORITY QUEUE:

this way, its gonna peek on the maximum --------> this is what i think

but the right thing is that it peeks on the minimum without changing anything this is from the book and my lectures so its correct but i just dont get it soo please help???

15 years ago
Hi campbell ritchie, i actually asked the question to a friend of mine!

she told me that the tree is unique meaning that with the preorder and inorder traversal the tree has JUST ONE SHAPE!!

not many!

thanks guys for your help!!

so actually yeah when you draw this tree it is unique!!
15 years ago
given the following:


i constructed the binary tree and the traversal was preorder traversal : root, left, right

and then Is the tree unique?!

yes , the tree is unique,

i dont understand why?!
15 years ago
Oh yeah you're right!!
i got it!!

thanks a lot campbell ritchie!!
you ve been great help!
15 years ago
ok you 're right!!

but the books are extremly expensive!!!
15 years ago
By"reference manipulation" i mean that i cannot say:

same with

15 years ago
heres the thing,
i cant use any reference manipulation so i really cant figure out a way to fix these errors!!
15 years ago