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Recent posts by Elham Ghaf

Originally posted by Ilja Preuss:

Yes, but what do you need the class diagram for?

Then if I dont make class diagram, how can I model it and give it to programmer?
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Originally posted by Bear Bibeault:
"Elham Gh", please check your private messages for an important administrative matter.

What is my problem?!!
Dear Nachiket,
1 and 2 are not my solutions! they are problems of my solution
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My application must have features for getting formula from users, validate it and calculate it.
These formulas use in HRM syetem.
How can I model formul with class diagram.

Suppose I have a class named A. This class has a attribute which is a class itself, but it maybe various classes, sometimes B1,sometimes B2 and �.
So,I thought the best model might be like this:
It�s good, because if another class like B3 needed to be added, It�s simple just inherit it from C class.
But the subject is B1, B2 and B3 are not type of C naturally .So what is problem?
Suppose we have similar situation for Z class. it has a attribute which is a class, and might be various class, sometimes B1,Sometimes D1,�..Like this:
It means B1 is inherited from C and E.
Here we have 2 problems:
1-I had to model multi inheritance, that not supporting in my implementing environment and I have to use trick and pattern to do it, and it made more complex.
2-when I want to convert my class diagram to Data model:
I will have a C table with CID for Primary key. And I have B1 and B2 tables too. Related class of them inherited from C class, and then CID is primary key for B1 and B2 tables too.
This story goes for E table and, B1 and D1 Tables too. But in this case B1 table have 2 primaries key CID and EID.

What should I do?