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Recent posts by Camilo Cruz

The scripting in Docker or  other container solutions, enable to  fastest configuration, and automatization  scripts.

It's really needed using  kubernetes?  what is the advantage to use? in your book  I can view examples to use kuebrnetes?
4 years ago
thank you Cathal

Cathal Mullan wrote:I'm switching to Python, C++ & PHP instead of getting more Java certifications.

I'm also switching from MySQL to PostresQL because Oracle own MySQL now too.

I'm done with them, you are all welcome to join me if you like

But really? really its time to go far away from Java?

its sad news for me

Cathal Mullan wrote:I agree, products to make them money in my opinion. Not education tools.

I don't see the point in continuing with the certification program myself, so I won't be.

I don't want anything to do with oracle now

Maybe you have the reason, but and now? what certification non-oracle have to Architect or senior developers?

SOA? do you have any idea?
Thank you! sounds very interesting
12 years ago
Hi Mark

i'm really newbie in REST World.

in this time i working in SOA projects so REST its another perspective ( to SOAP perspective).

How your book help to understanding the basic REST concept and the important Design work ( after of code of course)
its your book and WRML concepts for create "REST applications" or provide Desgin Mechanism for construct many applicacions with core basis (ejm Restlet for java apps)?

Sorry for my english .. its not my native language

12 years ago

i just looking that! i think of focus over Organization and Methods its the real SOA Approach, SOA in tech level could be make in many alternatives but the essential is align with Bussines Requeriments, i feeling thats its not really in SOA Projects.

Thank you for your answer

Hi Ranch Fellows and specially for Gojko Adzic

Gojko ! you know in SOA is required more "burocratic" specification for align Organizations with Tech.

is Your Book one point for read when one team is looking one OASIS in the SOA Governance and requeriments troubles?

i already sure what the big troubles whit large specification is complexity of the Organizations, in SOA the team must understand the Organization before initial the projects and deliveries.

Thank you and good luck for your book

BTW: Sorry for my english, this is not mi native language.
i just buy the voucher i ready to the first part... this saturtay is the day
I just decided for be the "last man standing" with actual OCMJEA!
i was start study in september/2010 so in 1 month i will ready for the exam.

any advice or recommendation for this hard month?

Hi Welcome!

i like learn more over agile and implement in my daily work

Hi, i'm newbie in agile and have 2 question

1. Why in many teams or enterprise the agile methods is not accepted or simply denied? i saw many projects when agile perspective can enhanced the value and accomplished the goals , but the Managers, architects and clients not accept the proposal.

2. In a "Jungle" enviroment (Team without methodology, process, code and fix) , how your book can help to move to agile side ?

Sorry for my english its not my native language
Welcome Christian!

very interested book, javascript development always being haphazard! now use unit test its amazing.

cheers with your book
Hello Chuck Lam

im very newbie about distribute computing and have much question

Handopp Hadoop is a software method for clustering?
whats the difference with other commercial products?

could i horizontally-scaling jee applications using handopp Hadoop?

Thank you
13 years ago