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Recent posts by Mansi Mishra

I want to host some files (images/videos etc) into the amazon s3 service. I need to ensure two things:

1. Restrict unauthorized access to the files ( Can I use OAuth to achieve the authentication?)
2. How can I make sure that the file can be downloaded only once? This is to ensure that the user does not bookmark the url and download multiple times, he can download the file only through the application.

Appreciate your help
6 years ago

I am trying to display an arraylist in tabular format in my jsp.
Here is the code snippet for the <display:table>

<bean:define toScope="request" scope="session" name="dealForm" property="resultList" id="outputList" />
<display:table id="results" name="outputList">
<display:column property="stock" title="Stock" />

I ahve included the displaytag-1.0.jar in my classpath.
But when I run the code, the table always says 'Nothing found to display'
Is there anything I am missing here? Please advice.
Seems like adding the taglib.tld to my web.xml did the trick.

11 years ago
Also, I have added the jstl and standard.jar files under WEB-INF/lib directory
11 years ago
I am trying to create a simple struts application.
I have defined the struts tiles library in my web.xml

These tlds are present in my WEB-INF folder. Also I have included the struts.jar in my project classpath.
the index.jsp only carries two lines.

Yet on running the application I get the following error.

Parsing of JSP File '/index.jsp' failed:
/index.jsp(1): Could not parse deployment descriptor: cannot resolve '/WEB-INF/struts-logic.tld' into a valid tag library
probably occurred due to an error in /index.jsp line 1:
<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-logic.tld" prefix="logic" %>

Please advice.
11 years ago

I have a query

I read that hierarchical queries like the one above are not supported by hibernate yet.
Or is there a way???

Writing an sql query would be the last resort for please help me if this can be done anyway using hibernate criteria or projections.

Oh okay...
Then may be you could try using projections. That should let you fetch a list of books.

Vadim Vararu wrote:But, it's required though.

I don't think so...

Picture this..

something similar should work out for you.
13 years ago

Hanna Habashy wrote:

Mansi Mishra. wrote:Try this...

Can you elaborate on how this code going to return a list of books?


getHibernateTemplate.findByCriteria(criteria).add(Restrictions.eq("category", filterValue))

returns a list of User2Book objects filtered by "category" using the "filterValue"
All you need to do is fetch this into an arraylist of the same type

returns a list of User2Book objects.

Try this...

That shouldn't be required.
You could use a button with just one id, and on click of the command button pass the unique value of the record/row to the javascript/action method.
13 years ago

aruna sameera wrote:is Depengency injection and IOC same or not?

i find one article saying that Depengency iinjection is A kind of Inversion of Control.
that means all Inversion of Control are not Depengency iinjection?i Is it true?

IOC and dependency injection are essentially the same thing, just two different names.
13 years ago
I get the following exception on running my application.

I believe some versions of ehcache jars are not compatible with hibernate-3.2 jar.
I have tried all permutations and combination by changing the versions of both the jars, still it doesn't seem to work.
Any idea???
13 years ago
I get the following error while invoking my web service with a client java class: Not Found [404]

Any help appreciated.

13 years ago
Can you guys help me find a site where I could appear for online certifications.
The topics I am looking for are java, Struts, JSF, hibernate and Springs.
Need not be a formal site...I need it only to keep up my practice and test my knowledge

Thanks in advance...
13 years ago