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Recent posts by Apoorv Srivastava

Hello fellow ranchers,
Happy Easter to all...
In my opinion,we should not pin-point such small issues.The book is meant for learning, not for offending any culture.Just look at it people,how much the same book has given all of us,the Java lovers.I don't think the authors would have done it knowingly..Ahhh what have they done after all??They are just trying to spread knowledge.
I completely support Bert on the point that in this era of globalization we all should forget those bitter experiences of the past & get to know various cultures of the world.After all,its not all but a few people who are bad & we should never generalize a race,religion or an area by judging a few people who committed atrocities in the past..
Let's not blow this issue out of proportion.The book is meant to be read and gained from, so let's concentrate on that only.We should be thankful to its authors for giving us this gem..
If I have in any way offended or hurt anyone's sentiments, I apologize..Peace.
Someone please help..I really need explanation on this.
11 years ago
I am working on a project on struts.
The situation:
carsales>Web Pages>adminCPanel>addCar.jsp <-Enables the admin to add new cars in stock.
What I want:
http://localhost:8084/ should get me addCar.jsp
My strutsconfig.xml is

Also there is a menu in addCar.jsp which links options like add a car,remove a car,etc.So I want to know what do I write inside the Add a car when I need access to addCar.jsp
Please help
11 years ago
Yes indeed you can pass form parameters from one servlet to the other using RequestDispatcher.
One of the below out of 1/2/3 can be used
1)RequestDispatcher view=request.getRequestDispatcher("jsp_name.jsp");
2)RequestDispatcher view=request.getRequestDispatcher("/jsp_name.jsp");
3)RequestDispatcher view=getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/jsp_name.jsp");
and then
This forwards request and response to the other element of the web-app.
You can also use application scoped dynamic attributes to store form data in them so that every resource in the web-app can use it..

12 years ago

lhorenz baylon wrote:Thanks everyone! I'm planning to polish my XML and UML skills, but with regards to Java certification, I'm eying SCBCD May the passing results and stories here in javaranch inspire all of us who aspire for further growth in our lines of work

Keep up the good work baylon and good luck for SCBCD..
12 years ago
Congrats lhorenz ..What's next?
12 years ago
What if the college is not enrolled with sun.Mine is not enrolled,so does that mean I won't qualify for the voucher?
and whats the pin chandan is talking about.
Howdy fellow ranchers,
I received mail from SAI,in which I was provided the SAI-Program name and SAI program id.To purchase the voucher I browsed to I clicked on the "SAI Certification Discount Vouchers" link on the left navigation panel.The link took me to a pop-up window).
Now to my amazement in the purchase form, in the field which says "What Sun Certification Exam will you be taking?",the drop down list has an exam named "212-083 Sun Certified Web Component Developer EE 5".There was no exam with the code 310-083.
Is it the same exam as 310-083 or something else.Should I buy it or the 210-083 exam is some old retired one.
Please help..
Well,I have a strange kind of a question(which I think would be deleted by the moderators)but I still feel the need to ask this.
Do I really have to buy some prep software like whizlab , ucertify ,etc?I mean do they really help.
Also I have read "How to go about preparation for SCWCD" on the ranch and their is no mention of any software of any kind.
If you,my fellow rancher feel that they would increase my score as well as knowledge,please suggest the best ones(along with their importance,if possible).

Thanks Niall for sharing your journey with us...
I am also preparing for scwcd.The Hints thing is a great idea.I too have come up with a couple of my own.They really help a lot.
I would request you to please share more hints of yours.It would help me a lot.You can start a complete new thread for it.I'm sure it'll turn out to be one of the hottest threads around on the ranch.

Raju Champaklal wrote:hey there is no India in the SAI link...avi how did you buy the voucher using SAI

I am also facing the same problem.There's no "India" in country list. Help or comments from anyone on this would be highly appreciated.
Hello friends,
I need sun 310-xxx voucher at discounted price with validity till april '10 or somewhere around feb.i m from India.Tell me the price at which you want to sell it.
PM me regarding the same.
12 years ago
Yes,someone please reply to this.I am also in the same delimma.