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Recent posts by Iqbal Ali

Can someone guide me on SCJP Exam Simulators? I have seen one. It was more helpful than reading a book or on-line material..

1- Remove the filename "" (if it is written in your code, I mean).

2- Take the opening curly bracket at the end of your class definition.

Hope that works for you..
15 years ago

There are some topics which are common to every programming language e.g.

1- Philosophy of language (simple vs. advance / compiler vs. interpreter).
2- Language semantics. (e.g. case sensitive, end of statement etc.)
3- Type of Variables.
4- Loops.
5- conditions.
6- Input/Output.
7- GUI.

etc. etc. You teach them in the following order. Let me take an example of producting a table of 2.

1- Show them a program in action which creates a table of 2.
2- Explain them the concept of loops.
3- then treat them as your programming language and have the things done as you would like your computer to do it.
4- Then ask them to have it done themselves with the computer correcting their syntax wherever necessary.

Hope this helps.
15 years ago
I don't know why you insist on using the mid() if your aim is to analyze the last 5 characters.

Why don't you use right().

which is

15 years ago
Can some one tell us when are the winners of book promotion declared?

Specially for "Java Demystified"
16 years ago
I have to work on implementing sort algorithms in a Java. These are:

1- Bubble Sort.
2- Quick Sort.
3- and Shell sort.

I think I can handle the 2nd and 3rd one but I am clueless about the 1st one.

Is there someone to help me out?
16 years ago
Hi every one
This is because 'char' can also be treated like int/byte type.. i.e you can do arithmetics with 'char' type e.g char c = 'A'; c++;
While you convert 'char' to 'byte', the ASCII code of the char is stored in byte...
Hope that clarifies
17 years ago
When you have math.random() method to generate random numbers, why we still have a Random class? Isn't it inefficient?
18 years ago
I have to say something about method overloading. In very common terms, we can say that it is doing the same thing on different things. For example "wash". You wash a car, wash a floor, wash a dirty pot. "Wash" is the method and you are overloading it with different objects.
Otherwise it would be very difficult. That is you would have to say "carWash the car" or "floorWash the floor".
That's enough about washing / method overloading

18 years ago