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Hi Scott,

Thanks for a nice and handy post. However, Im wondering these two books that you mentioned dont cover Java EE 5 i.e. they are for Exam 310-051.

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE� Technology Study Guide
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java�EE Study Guide

Are these book still valid for Exam 310-052 as there are some major changes Java EE5 at least on EJB side?

Many Thanks
Thanks for your replies.

As, 2nd version of this Study guide wont be out until next year. Is there any other updated comprehensive guide available for SCEA Part 1?
Hi all,

As Sun has introduced new exam CX-310-052, I am just wondering does this book (Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture for J2EE Technology Study Guide by Mark Cade ,Simon Roberts )caters for new J2EE and EJB specifications and Objectives of updated exam.

Kind Regards,

Interesting debate,
Well, the thing is that, there are two things 1) What you can do according to Java specs 2) What you can do as per ejb specs

Although you can Inherit any class according to Java Specs but Ejb Specs doesnt say any thing about Inheritence of a bean.

This is an exam based on Ejb specification rather than Java Specification. (clearly mentioned in HF EJB).
Oh Ok, thanx

That means , rule of thumb is that Bean cant access any of its client,isinit?


I have read in HF EJB that

" According to Bean Law, you must not return a bean's Remote interface from a local interface method"

And there is a question in Coffee Cram.

Head First EJB , Chapter 3 Page 168

3) Given a remote client 'R', that has valid references to session beans 'A' and 'B', and given that A is a local client to B,which stattements are true? (Choose all that apply)

A) R can not pass his reference for A to B
B) A can not pass his reference for B to R
C) A can not invoke methods on B
D) B can not invode methods on R.

Answers are B and D.

Ok Im sure about B, but cannt get my head around D, why is that?Maybe im missing something but,

R also got reference of B so why not B can invoke methods ?

j2ee ri and SUN One Application Server is same thing....

If NO then from where i can download RI?
Hi ,

Im following Head First EJB for my preparations. For my programming practices, what shall i do, i mean shall i use JBoss or Sun's Application Server for J2EE1.3

which server is better for exam preparation? i know that exam isnt server specific but im asking for ease of use, and shall i code everything myself or shall i use tools like eclipse n its plugins like lomboz.

Its ok ...I also wanted to know which one is better Head First or SCBCD KIT?
Because im alredy using Enterprise Java Beans, EB Specs n few other gud i dont wana go for 2 more books.....coz it'll be 2 much 2 handle...u knw wat i mean???

So You mean Head First EJB is better than SCBCD GUIDE ???
Oh that means i should be reading ejb2.0 specs...... whereas i downloaded 2.1 from sun site......and i was following that.

Thanks ne way.
Enterprise Java Beans 3rd edition cover ejb 2.0 whereas latest specs is ejb 2.1.

Is that ok to follow this book???

I just wana ask that Im using EJB Specification and Enterprise Java Beans 3rd Ed as reference books. And the Mocks and Online notes.

Is that enough? or do i really need to buy any other book like Head First EJB?
But Pdf version of Matering EJB is free in contrast with others

I am preparing for SCBCD exam. I have got good idea of EJB as i have read few chapters of Mastering EJB.

I just wanted to ask that for full fledged preparation of SCBCD, which book is best Mastering or Head first EJB? or anything else?


Ahsan Jamil