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Recent posts by Terry Wang

WOW! Richard Monson-Haefel, Sir, I've been reading your WS book these days on my daily commute, great job! I finished your EJB and JMS books in this way too.
BTW, can I get a signed copy some time?
[ April 30, 2004: Message edited by: Terry Wang ]
i guess prometric's system is stupid, for an exam, it has to be either "passed" or "failed" (who designed this?). i still have my scjd as "failed" in my exam history which looks disgusting.
billy, you and i are on the exact same boat.
i guess it violates people's privacy, just like colleges never publish a list of graduates.
got an email from omg saying i was selected for the beta exam, but i think i may not show up for it. after al, it's $80 even for the beta ones, and you have to take the steps from fundamental to advanced, which is $240 at least(could be $600). this set of certs just look too expensive for me (although i can get reimbursed from company, still, it's a lot). the only thing i like it is that it's not from vendors and may have a longer time to expire (until uml 3.0?)
have you ever read sun's policy since last year?
guys who received any sun java certs recently. do they have the new java logo on them(the one like on www.java.net) or the old one?
20 years ago
why some ppl always ask "do certs guanrantee jobs/$???" again and again!!! this kind of discussions have been around this forum and elsewhere for a long while(check every exam-related forums here). why some ppl are still so naive and think about things in black and white.
CERTS don's mean JOBS, no matter it's scjp, scwcd, ocp, mcsd, ... period.
some ppl think having some certs can beat guys without them in job market or work, but in reality, they find it's not true, then they come back and blame certs.
great score!!! (r u the first here?)
20 years ago
mark cade's book is a good start if you have totally no idea what this exam is for. but so far, no single book can cover the exam 100% (or 80%?) like you may have for scjp exam. not many good mock exam exist either.
how many days? hard to say, maybe 1-3 months for average guys, depending on your time/expr. the cert itself has no meaning if you only want to cram it in "21 hours".
good luck!
thanks, guys!
books i used:
1) mark cade's book, good source. it covers enough for uml/patterns/i18n (10+ questions done) and it lets you see how the questions may look like;
2) peter's notes(thanks a lot);
3) jms book (the same author for ejb), but it's overkill for this exam; very good book though;
4) whizlab, not much help, but has some scenario based questions.
5) for ejb, i only read a few chapters now and then. it's the only heavy-weight (10+ q.s) and somewhat detailed part in this exam.
all in all, some questions are not hard at all, you can use common sense to get the right answers (the rest choices are too obviously wrong). the key to this exam is you have to know all the fancy terms or at least the very basics of their usage.
good luck!
finally i showed up for my scea part 1 exam (my voucher is expiring tomorrow). the result is ok (41/48).
concepts 100
common arch 100
legacy 80
ejb 88
ejb container 50
protocols 66
applicability 100
design patterns 80
messaging 100
i18n 50
security 100
ejb and design patterns are the 2 most important parts (about 15-20 questions in total), you have to get most of them in order to pass. ejb questions are easier than i thought. for design patterns, make sure you know the most famous/widely used ones (around 10?).
uml questions(3 or 4) are a joke, 1 hour's review is enough, but of course uml is the core of part 2.
i missed 1 q in i18n while 100% in security, which is a surprise to me (i thought it should be the other way).
concepts are easy, too. but another suprise to me is i got 100% in commom arch. since i saw other guys always got 66% in this part, i thought there might be a tricky question. still have no idea .
i feel i overprepared for part 1. some questions are very straight forward (at least 5 for me). my suggestion is to focus on ejb and design patterns, and then read some general intro-like materials for other parts, you're ready to go.
anyway, my hours of readings on the daily commute train paid off and i owe a lot of thanks to javaranch guys for their great notes and posts, you guys are great!!!
your voucher will be expired in 1 year, and i don't think you can use it for the new version even it comes out before the expiration date.
no, i don't think anyone can survive as a real architect with only limited j2ee expr and the paper. BUT, this cert does lead you to think like an architect in your job(even you're not yet), you'll find this helpful in designing/developing systems. this is just like the dba cert, as a developer using database everyday, having a dba cert won't hurt.
me 2. my feeling is xml is a big hot topic, but the cert itself hasn't got much attention/name recognization(somebody corrects me, pls). almost everybody uses a little bit xml every day, but having such a cert is not that attractive. in general, i don't think ibm's cert program is as good as sun's, m$'s, or oracle's. i have a long and ambitious list of certs to accomplish in this year(may never happen though):
1) ocp 9i (50% done)
2) scea (my voucher is expiring, lazy me)
3) mcad .net (actually the most important one for me)
4) xml (only i finish the other 3 first, which is quite unlikely)