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Hi Friends ....
This story starts from last year when i decided to go for SCJP , but due to work pressure , i always procrastinate it to next month and then month after month just went off and now it was the last month Sep. that too till 30th Sep. so now i didn't left any other option but to take up the exam . I have prepared for it around 15 days that too my project in C was due to delivery , i could not take off from works as well but i did work in java quite extensively from Core java to Advanced java so i was bubbling with confidence to make it happen .
I set a date of 26th sep on 10 th sep . and start reading khalid's book as RHE already i have completed and start taking up lot of Mock exams and now D- Day has come to see the real exam on line .....
Friends , believe on my words while taking up the exam , i found this one to be an easiest one just fundamentals being asked nothing more than that just basic questions although i have cleared it with mere 77% but i cud not understood why so low as i was expecting more than 90% .
Advice to dear friends ......
1) Don't worry at all about the standard of the exam , take up two books RHE and khalid (Khalid is really good ) and do them thoroughly .
2) Don't worry about AWT , IO , Thread , Garbage collection , they ask just basic question , as i achieved 100 % in each one of them .
3) Java lang , access and loop control , lot of code practice , have a feel of real time env.
4) Go for mock exams as much as u can do and don't just take up them , understand the logic behind the question and write it down some where . I have done JQ+ as well , it also contains good and informative pack of questions.
I am thankful to God , my family mambers and friends who helped me boundless to acquire this certificate.
I am always accessible to each one to you regarding the type of qus. or for any other details. Kindly feel free , i wud try to get uor doubts clear .
20 years ago
U check out this code ....i suppose this wud be the answer for uor a year long query...
class TestThread
public static void main(String args [])
Thread1 t1 = new Thread1();
Thread th1 = new Thread(t1);
Thread th2 = new Thread(t1);
}// End of TestThread
class Thread1 implements Runnable
public void run()
int i=0;
System.out.println("Value of i = " + i++);
if ( i == 10)

The vary reason behind putting uor loop in to infinite one as u have defined uor variable i out side of the run method .