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Recent posts by Manassés Souza

Hello Sam

I'm currently working on as ESB project which the microservices approach is applied on each integration/API we need to implement (the way that each application is a new project/deployable artifact and the ESB has a management console)

Have you had some experience or have some concerns about microservices on this ESB scenario?

Do you think that the ESB structure is more microservices-friendly?
6 years ago
I have the same impression...

Guess that 10-15 years ago the architecture concerns were about framework conceptions, to make development faster and easy (avoiding reinventing the wheel), and componentization. Concepts related to application internals, with no concerns about deployment for example.

My point of view is that the microservices approach seems to be a solution easy to think about applying to our designs, in the way that it could be happened much earlier than nowadays, but we were busy trying to solve other problems, and only with the advent of devops, vertical scaling, etc. there were realized needs to change some architectural concepts...
6 years ago
Hello again Simon

Does continuous integration have a special chapter on your book ? Nowadays I see a growing demand for architects about knowing this concepts...

8 years ago
Hi Simon

Congrats for the book!

I want to know how much you cover some aspects of design architectures, like Domain-Driven Design in your book. Briefly, what's your opinion about DDD and on what type of projects it could be better suited?

8 years ago
Hello Damon and Sébastien

Thanks for your investment on the Android Plataform! I'm a Java developer, Android fan and starter.

I want to know if the book coverage some Web Services concepts for application development or Android related frameworks. I read some about KSOAP for this...

Best regards!
11 years ago
Hello Jeff
Thanks for spreading the Android plataform!

11 years ago
Hello Stephen and Dean
Thanks for your time!

Does the book cover the aspects of JavaFX integration on mobile and desktop for the same application?
It shows the differences about each type of development? (if it has differences)

I'm new to JavaFX, so I really dont know what changes from one to another...

12 years ago
Hello Andy and thanks for your time!

What´s your position about these freelancer job sites and this kind of remotely work?
My point is about doing career on this

12 years ago
Hi Craig and ranchers!

Wich Spring core functionality (DI, AOP, ...) better suite OSGi ? and what´s the relantionship with other Spring projects (Web flow, Security, etc.) ?


Given answers:

a. The program will output 'ctor service init doGet destroy'.
b. The program will output 'ctor init doGet destroy'.
c. The program will output 'ctor service doGet destroy'.
d. The program will output 'ctor init service doGet destroy'.

And the mock exam show b as the correct answer

But I think that there's no correct answer, since service() method is overriden
So correct answer would be:

'ctor init service destroy'