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Recent posts by Alpesh Rathod

Hi folks,

I am working on a eclipse product where in I have to set the text in the about dialog.
I have about.ini, and about.mappings file.

I set the value of aboutText property but this is not reflected in the products About dialog.

Can any one tell me how does eclipse read this file???

Also when i tried giving the value of aboutText in plugin.xml it worked for me, but that is not the way I want.
I want it to happen by setting text in about.ini file.

Can any one help me???
JFace is defined by the Eclipse project as "a UI toolkit that provides helper classes for developing UI features that can be tedious to implement."[1] It is a layer that sits on top of the raw widget system, and provides classes for handling common UI programming tasks. It brings model view controller programming to the Standard Widget Toolkit.

You can find more info at : Jface Wikipedia

The UI creation is simplified by using Jface....internally Jface uses SWT widgets only...but JFace reduces the complexity of dealing with complex UI creation by providing helper classes.

And Yes SWT does provide many functionalityfor creating as complex UI as possible.

11 years ago
Hey dude just check out the method you are calling..

you are calling superClass's method


and not subClass's method



So its printing 10 and not 50....check it out.

11 years ago
The value 2 in stored in val variable and not zero

And the operation val+ = 3 is val = val +3 which result in val = 5

The end result of i is 2.

11 years ago
Excellent Work Javaranch....

Happy Birthday.....!!!
11 years ago

Abimaran Kugathasan wrote:The case constant must be a compile time constant! Since the case argument has to be resolved at compile time, that means you can use only a constant or final variable that is assigned to literal value.

I think, this may help to you.!

Very good very good...
You cannot have final variables as case constants .......
Hi I want to convert a zip file to byte array and then use that byte array to create a new zip file??

Please anyone how do i do it??
12 years ago
Hi Guys,

I am generating a font metrics xml using font.ttc file.
In this process of creation am getting a file not Found Exception.I dont understand why???

C:\Fop-0.18.1> java org.apache.fop.fonts.apps.TTFReader
c:\WINNT\Fonts\msgothic.ttf msgothic.xml

This is what i do....Please help me out ..
Well in that case if someone tries cloning a singleton object then.......

In that case i think we should provide a clone method which throws a CloneNotSupportedExcption in our Singleton anyone if at all tries to clone the singleton oject.. would get a exception...and in this way tha object wont be cloned..
12 years ago
Hi Guys,

I just wanted to know that is it possible to clone a singleton object ....if yes then y??
If the object is a singleton, then what measures need to be taken so that only single instance of it exists?

12 years ago
Hey i atlast i got it myself....

Well thanks for your answer though..
12 years ago
Well i did it somehow...

By the way thanks for your answer....
12 years ago
I need to know that how do we write the url in href tag for calling a Servlet...
also does the url-pattern in web.xml file help in making the url for href...if yes then how ??
Please help guys...
12 years ago
Hi I want to know whether we can have getter and setter for the discriminator column like the one below..

@DiscriminatorColumn(name="skill_type",discriminatorType=DiscriminatorType.STRING) //part of a class

The below are the classes extending above class......having discriminator values as shown.


Now this values are set as soon as you create a new object of the respective classes...

Now suppose from the UI i want to search a person by a skill type like above ones.....then how can i do it ..since i dont have a getter or setter for skill_type attribute..i think its not possible...and if its possible what is the way???

Can I know how do we make a entity variable skill_type ??