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Recent posts by Bill Zelan

Thank you Ankit Garg for atleast looking into my quetion.
I figured it out sorry for troubling.
The problem was in

it should be

and i even replaced '\' backslashes with '/' slash in action tag in struts config.
Thank you again.
14 years ago
Guys I need urgent help..
I'm getting this error:


I have also created a JSP page named Register.jsp and its submit button directs to

What should i do to correct this error?
14 years ago
I'm having similar problems, although it is happening with JBoss 5 and EJB2. Did you manage to solve this issue and how did you do it?
14 years ago
Managed to find this video which helped me a lot. Figured I'd post this here as it's one of the top results from Google on this topic.
i found


this works. thank you ankit.
14 years ago
S i tried inserting both

but it didnot work.

i find
in the headers
14 years ago
I tried that Ankit. But the problem still persists
14 years ago

I am developing a website using struts2.
The website has login and logout functionalities.
After i logout i clear and invalidate my sessions, but if i go back to the previous page (with the browser back button), i am still able to see the previously logged in pages.

For example: I have a 'userName' session field in each page. On login the userName is set. On logout as the session is invalidated, the userName is set to null. But when i go to the previous page, i still see the userName set to the logged in value.

How do i prevent this and cause the page to be sent from the server. Thank you in advance
14 years ago
oh. i taught that both were same.
thank you Bill
14 years ago
thank you Bear it works.
but why am i not able to do it by the way i tried.
14 years ago
'view source' of the redered a.shtml shows
<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" -->
<!--#include virtual="header.html" -->
and not the processed form
14 years ago
i tried to use ssi, but i dont get it to work. i might be missing some step. let me explain step by step what i did

1. created a root folder 'test1' under webapps under tomcat directory.
2. created the main file a.shml under test1

3. created the file to be included (header.html) under test1

4. opened a.shtml using

but i dont get any output. however i get the output in dreamweaver cs4's live view. i use apache 5.5 and windows xp.

14 years ago
thanks ankit.
its solved

14 years ago
ok ankit.


the struct tag in the body

14 years ago