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Recent posts by sathiya mohan

Sorry, I don't have link for new SCDJWS 6.0 exam objectives. But i found in the following link,

where, they mentioned that objectives would be soon released.

I found that sun has revised its curriculum of certification for JavaEE 6.

And In the new curriculum, there are two different exams available for web services,

Developing web services using Java technology
Developing Secure Java web services.

Since, I am preparing for sun web services 5 exam. Can some body suggest me which is better J2EE 1.5 or J2EE1.6 for webservices ?
I found the max_allowed_packet for Mysql is 1 GB from the following link,

Thanks for your reply. will these size get change depending on the database ?. I would like to know for Sql Server and Mysql.
is there a maximum length of select statement ?
Hi All,

I am cleared SCWCD with 98% on yesterday (1/6/09).

Thanks to HFSJ and to this forum


13 years ago
I red somewhere saying that SCWCD (CX-310-083) exam is focusing more on performance ,scenario based questions. So Just a theoretical knowledge will not help us to score more marks in the exam. It required more practical knowledge. Is this true?

Integer One = new Integer(1);%>
${One + 1}
${Two + 1}

Choose one answer.
A. 1 2 3
B. 2 2 3
C. 1 1
D. 1 null 1

Answer A. I think the answer should be B because ${One + 1} should output 2 since EL would automatically unbox One to be 1.

Answer A is correct. Because There is no attribute called "One" in any of the scope (Request, Session, Application, Page) . so EL treats the One is 0 by default for the Arithmetic calculation.
Answer B would be correct if the code look like below,
Integer One = new Integer(1);
request.setAttribute("One",One); %>