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Recent posts by salvin francis

If the goal of the process is to do a redirect, then I suggest not having a success page in the first page. The user submits a request, the server does the db work and when done, does a redirect. It's as simple as that.
If there is a failure, then the server can choose to not do a redirect and return an error page instead.

On the other hand, showing the user a temporary success page that automatically does a javascript based redirects will have ton of issues:
  • User can simply close the browser window !!
  • User can press the back/cancel button
  • Javascript can be disabled on the user's browser
  • Network issues

  • PS: I agree with Ron, please change your display name as it does not follow our coderanch policies
    This statement is incorrect: "Out.println not able to write content to browser".
    The PrintWriter you have does not write anything to the browser at all, all this is done on the webserver end. The data written to to output stream is sent to the client (browser).

    Next, if you want to do a redirect, you dont need to have any html content at all. Simple call sendRedirect() on the HttpServletResponse.

    Interfaces allow for two features:
    1. It creates an IS-A relationship with the implementing class (or extending interface)
    2. It gives a contract for the methods that will be present in the implementing class (or extending interface)

    If the Interface is empty, it effectively only gives you only #1 above. I haven't used this variant in my code at all.
    However, there are interfaces such as Serializable that tells the JVM that an Object can be serialized. This interface has no methods, but it establishes an IS-A relationship nevertheless.
    1 week ago

    Sushant Shindes wrote:... What  salary per annum can I expect.

    A job package is specific to a country and city/town. It is also based on the team's cost constraints and your negotiation skills . I don't think anyone would post a definite answer to that question.
    1 week ago
    One important difference I find between these two languages is that java is statically typed and javascript is not (If recall, that term is "dynamically typed". Not sure). In Java, a method is tied to a class and cannot exist by itself whereas that is not the case with javascript.
    1 week ago
    I updated your post title so that you can get good responses for your question. Hope that's fine with you.
    1 week ago
    Interesting !! I sold my PS4 when my wife was expecting (a year ago). Uncharted was the last game I played and completed, loved the series. I also liked Last of us, God of War and Minecraft, I vaguely remember playing the first Assasins creed.

    2 weeks ago

    Campbell Ritchie wrote:...but it is easier to create a List 0...99 and shuffle it.

    I too think shuffle is a better approach.

    Small nitpick: I think OP wants 1-100, both your examples take 0-99. It's a minor change, but I hope OP can figure that one out.
    2 weeks ago
    Here's the 16 x 16 variant. I am not aware about copyright issues. I just used a rounded square and the letter C with some modifications to the letter shape.
    3 weeks ago
    My idea

    The colors are based on Turbo C ide where I learnt this awesome language.
    3 weeks ago
    If this is a one time activity, this can be also done in image editors like photoshop. One can design action scripts and run it on all of them at one go.
    1 month ago