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since Jan 12, 2009
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Recent posts by salvin francis

Primary uses (Can't live without)
1. Whatsapp (Has superseded my phone calls. I barely call folks now.)
2. Alarm (I am using the same alarm since 12+ years)
3. Phone

Secondary :
1. Maps (To check open/close timings, wait times at gas stations, etc.)
2. Email
3. Image Editing (Switched from pixlr to snapSeed)
4. Social media (FB only)

1 day ago
I made a scratchpad for you :

1 week ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:But women had been producing milk in a rather similar fashion long before cows were domesticated.

Of course they have ... for babies. We don't consume milk from all sources right ? I mean dogs/cats/pigs/elephants/donkey to name a few.
I was going into the historical direction as per OP's title.
1 week ago

Pete Letkeman wrote:..."You see that plant, I dare you to eat it."...

Invention of milk along the same lines: You see that cow? I wonder what happens if I squeeze its udders ...
The rest is history.
2 weeks ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:... unless the capital N means they have a class Null.

Or a client side code that simply capitalizes the first letter of the word.
2 weeks ago

Henry Wong wrote:...why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? ...

Well... There are those who fly machines and there are those who themselves fly (or more technically, 'fall'/'glide')

I wish to sky dive someday, but I am scared of heights and I too have motion sickness for non rhythmic movements. I have done paragliding once with my wife and it was fun.
2 weeks ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:
.. You could also define a private void initWithDefaults() method and call it.

To my taste, I prefer to do all initializations in the constructor itself rather than delegating it all to private method. These are my personal beliefs:
  • To a fellow programmer reading your constructor, all initialization logic is present at one location.
  • If your constructor is getting too huge, it gets noticed at an early stage and raises a code smell that something may be wrong.
  • It makes the constructor logic highly cohesive, i.e. it only does the work of construction with no inclusion of other business logic

  • I am not against calling private methods in constructor, I am simply pointing out that delegating the construction work to a private method may not be good (at least as per my experience)
    1 month ago
    I suggest this :
    1 month ago
    Congratulations to All !!!
    1 month ago
    +cow for that wonderful implementation.
    1 month ago
    Adding to what Campbell has posted, the sum of an arithmetic progression is

    n  x  ( (A1 + An) ÷ 2 )

    n is the total number of elements,
    A1 is the minimum
    An is the maximum

    Our progression has a common difference of 1, hence its easy to calculate n given the min and max :
    n = (An - A1) + 1

    1 month ago