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Recent posts by salvin francis

Jim Venolia wrote:...Works because 90-99% of your board isn't going to change generation to generation.

Well, its not always about making it work. While your approach is correct, Liutauras rightly pointed out that you don't need 2 arrays to represent your data. Your data can be a single array.
All you need to do is to figure out the elements to delete or elements to add and update your data structure.

I don't know why you would create a new data structure to just update your current one.
2 days ago

ras oscar wrote:...I have written a batch file that changes to the current directory and then compiles the class containing main()...

Have you tried simply writing :

in your script ?
1 week ago

Pete Letkeman wrote:This depends on what IDE you are using ...

I suspect (I may be wrong), the OP is manually compiling it with javac.
1 week ago
Well that's an interesting question. However, I believe the answer can be simply verified by writing a short 3 line code.

Can you try it and share your experience with us ?
1 week ago

Zachary Kang wrote:I have not done any of it yet, for I am trying to understand how I would go about starting this.  What is the notation?  How would I write something like this?

Hi Zachary Kang,
Are you aware of the following ?
  • Writing a program that simply prints "Hello world"
  • Using variables in your code
  • Doing calculations on one variable and assigning the result to another
  • Using classes
  • Using methods

  • You may have to look at the java tutorials here: to learn the basics of Java.
    Keep us updated on your progress and we can help you out if you are stuck.
    1 week ago
    Let me understand correctly, if user enters : a=2, b=3, c=4, your program would do

    (3 * 3)– (4 *2 *4 ) = -23

    And your output will be "The equation has no real roots" since its negative 23.

    I would break your code into 3 parts:
    1. Taking entry from user for a,b,c
    2. Calculating equation result.
    3. Giving an output based on the result

    Which part are you stuck at ?
    What have you done so far ?

    Hint, You can use Math.sqrt() for the square root.
    2 weeks ago
    Or is it based on scanning the whole board and noting down items to be created, destroyed and then doing it 'all at once' ?
    2 weeks ago
    One thing that I am unable to understand about this game is that is there a sequence to the Rules application ?
    Specifically, I am looking at the Blinker (period 2) period oscillator in wiki.

    If this was the original state :

    Rule#1 says to kill (Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbors dies as if caused by underpopulation.)
    It should turn to:

    but wiki follows the Rule#4 first and then Rule#1 making it :

    2 weeks ago
    It uses the logic that a cell can be born only in the vicinity of live cells and not any other location on the board.
    3 weeks ago

    Carey Brown wrote:...Where I think your approach runs into difficulty is in generating new life where you must visit each cell to determine if it should be changed to a live cell. This would be trivial in a 2D array (array-of-arrays) but be much more difficult with your approach.

    I see what you mean. But here too I have a different approach in mind. I think that instead of checking all cells on the 'board' to see they are surrounded by 3 live neighbors one can do the following:
  • Get a list of all live cells
  • Loop and populate a list of adjacent 'dead' cells to the live ones (maybe a new method is needed in my interface "getAdjacentDeadCellsFor")
  • Loop through this deal cells list and check if any of them need to be born and add them

  • 3 weeks ago
    Just realized that "Generation" is a bad name since it may mean the verb "to generate" or the noun "Generation". Maybe I could think of some better name
    3 weeks ago
    Each game has it's own challenges.

    Here's my abstract thinking so far:

    3 weeks ago