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Recent posts by hossein arabi

Dear all,
can anyone show me how to store and load a RSA key pair so when ever I need the pair I just load them for encryption.
thank you very much

Dear all
I am facing an error while the client authentication wants to take place.
I have a truststore that contains the CA cert and Client Cert.
I just browse the website and it will bring the list of certificates and I can choose the client cert but after that I am facing this error:Error establishing an encypted connection to localhost :error code:12188

Thanks alot

Dear All.

I would like to know how I can authenticate the client using ssl certificate by the server.
I have already created the keystore that contain the private key and the client certificate.
I have done the server authentication and now wanna do the client authentication .
is it I have to do coding? or like server authentication just need to config some XML file?

13 years ago
I wanna use mutual authentication...so both server and client authentication is needed...
till now I could manage to do the server authentication...
the only thing left is the client authentication which I don have any clue that :
1. how to request the client certificate from server
2. is it just a client certificate or is a keystore that contains the client cert+private key?
thanks for guiding me ....
so it means that the format can be different?
I can use jks for the server and PFX (pkcs12) for the client?

and one more question is that is it for the client authentication also I need to create key store or just the certificate is enough?
I had mention the type of the certificate in server.xml:

and now the problem is that I cannot open the https with browser except with netscape browser and it makes me confuse...
1. the question is that how I can view the https from IE because I am gonna use that browser( when I use .jks format for keystore everything goes well but since I have to use client certificate it should be .pfx format)
and tomcat is running well...(
thank you so much :P

Carey Evans wrote:If you’re not using the default JKS keystore type, you will need to tell Tomcat. Look in the documentation for keystoreType, or put your keys in a JKS keystore instead.

I am using JCE to create a PKCS12 keystore format that contain my selfsinged certificate + private key
Dear All,
I have created a Keystore that contains the self signed certificate and the private key.
then I have configured the Server.XML :

what else I have to do that I can see the HTTPS ?
what is the next steps?
Thank you so much...

Martijn Verburg wrote:Can you post the solution? It may help others that have a similar problem

the problem is the POLICY FILE....just update it
13 years ago
thanks I have solved the problem
13 years ago
Dear All,
I am trying to create a keystore using JCE and till now I have created the X509Certificate and keystore but when I wanna run it I will face this error:
Exception in thread "main" java.io.IOException: exception decrypting data - java.security.InvalidKeyException: Illegal key size
at org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.JDKPKCS12KeyStore.cryptData(Unknown Source)
at org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.JDKPKCS12KeyStore.engineStore(Unknown Source)

and this is my code:

this is my function to create the keystore:

in this program I want to just store my self signed certificate + private key into the keysotre.
I will be thankful if any one tell me what the error and tell me how to remove it.
13 years ago
Dear All
How I can write a certificate object as a .PFX file ?
13 years ago
I have created a Single Certificate and it is a client certificate which contains his information by using JCE and didnot use the keystore.
my question: what is the requirments to implement HTTPS? the steps...
Wish this time I could say what I want and sorry for being so new to this field...
Thanks alot.

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

hossein arabi wrote:I am not using any TOOLS

All you need is keytool, which comes with the JDK.

the problem is that I am working on my final year project which I should use JAVA API to program it myself. I am so new to it that is why I am blur. is a keystore really needed to implement the HTTPS?