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since Jan 23, 2009
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Well done!

My next target: SCWCD

Good luck.
11 years ago
End of March: I sat the exam and emailed the assignment to Oracle USA on the same day.
12 years ago
I ran the ANT script via Eclipse. Eclipse lets you configure ANT. Hope this helps.
12 years ago
You could call Oracle(who own Sun) on their USA training number and explain the issue. The Oracle front line staff took personal responsibility for escalating some issues I raised regarding certifification.

How did the exam go? Not too daunting except the price...?
Try the Monkhouse book for a head start on the options.
I have just found out I've passed SCJD with 390 points out of 400.

Thanks go to:jumpingjoy::
  • JavaRanch forums for help and encouragement
  • Monkhouse & co for their SCJD book
  • Oracle (Gary, Vinay, Akila et al)
  • Sierra & friends for Head First Design Patterns book
  • Wife for providing cups of tea
  • 12 years ago
    Congratulations; I'll have a drink in your honour
    12 years ago
    Hmm, someone helpful at Oracle gave me a number to call the folks involved directly. Here's a thumbs up for that person:
    >Not impressive - I hope that doesn't happen when it's time to turn in the assignment

    You could call the Oracle training US freephone number. They were helpful with am enquiry I had.