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Recent posts by Carlo LF

I had this problem too with my Axis2 webservices (reported by a BizTalk client). I heavily googled this and didn't find a solution.

Then we saw the strange thing, that the Axis2 generated WSDL (which was the basic information for the BizTalk client), listed a wrong port for the endpoint at element "soap:address location=...". It listed a port, that was used by another Tomcat instance on the same machine, whereas the Axis2 Tomcat was configured (in server.xml) on another port. Then the cause of the problem was clear: the configuration file "axis2.xml" (from axis2/WEB-INF/conf) contained the default ports. So all we had to do was to correctly configure these.

9 years ago
I have learnt (the hard way...) that Lucene's wildcard search does not return good results if you use a (german or other) word stemmer in the indexing process. Now, is there any chance that this will change in a future version? Or is it really impossible to use word stemmers and wildcard searches at the same time?

Carlo Luib-Finett/Berlin/Germany
I had the same error invoking the service with ?wsdl.

Then I read that running Tomcat with Jdk1.5 you have to copy java jaxws-rt.jar and jaxws-tools.jar from the jax-ws RI to tomcat. I first did this by copying the jars to the SHARED directory of Tomcat. No succes... Then I copied them to the axis2 web application's WEB-INF/lib - and then it was ok invoking the url with the ?wsdl argument.

The other problem stays: if invoke the service with an argument like "http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/HelloWorld.HelloWorldImplPort/sayHi?text=hehheh", then I get an exception :
Incoming message protocol does not match endpoint protocol.

I don't know how to solve it: maybe you have to generate client classes with jax-ws "wsgen"?
11 years ago