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Welcome Satya and Dave

I'm thinking about getting into Android development in the future, so I'll be
watching this thread closely ;-)


11 years ago
Duly noted ;-) I'll keep it in mind.

And I never went to grad school, so i wouldn't know about it. Although you do make a good point. But the thing is, if i change the subject, i do risk having a lot of trouble finding data. And I don't have the time to gather lots of content like that. Implementation will already take up a lot of time (Spring, Hibernate etc).
thanks for the input though
Hi all

I am working on a new personal project, a webapp to show info on airlines, airplanes and their manufacturers.
Use cases are pretty obvious:
- search for airlines by place of origin
- search for aircrafts
- search for the fleet of a specific airline

I made a EER diagram of the database and i would love some feedback. I'd like to add that this is something i make myself (kind of a portfolio project, am unemployed right now) so i try to keep it quite 'simple'.

By arnew at 2010-11-03

Thanks in advance

And with tags i mean folksonomy and how you store it
11 years ago
I'm sorry. I cant see the forest through the trees anymore.
By "it" I meant putting it all together. Retrieving the right content, fitting in the right images, etc

But what about tags? And by the way, are there any books you 'd recommend that give an insight into web applications and how content is handled?
11 years ago
It's not that i dont believe it It's just that i'm having a hard time putting it all together.
So then i guess most of it is done thorugh the view technology, spring mvc and it 's views for example..

Thanks a lot for the insight so far guys!
11 years ago
Is it possible that a more lightweight framework like grails is more suitable than spring and hibernate to make interactive websites?

And second, let 's say for example Tripadvisor. They have a lot of content, including images, how can you manage something like that?
11 years ago
Hey, I 'm a java programmer, but without the working knowledge (thank you Economical Crisis), so here's my question:

In large web applications, how is content normally saved? Not the usual stuff that fits nicely in a database. What do you do with let 's say entire articles you might want to publish?

Is it common to use a java cms like apache lenya? Or maybe use xml files with your own dtd to store content?

Any enlightment is welcome :-)

11 years ago
Yep that worked. I'm having a "I-can't-believe-I-couldn't-come-up-with-that-myself" moment.
Anyway, thanks a lot!
13 years ago
Hi all,
I'm having some trouble getting my struts 2 validation to work properly let alone getting fielderror tags displayed.

The action mapping:

The action class itself:

jsp snippet:

An interesting part of the log file (full log is attached):

He runs the validators but still executes the query part of the execute method.
He doesn't return to the input page because afterwards the url is like this: .../search/searchByPrice.action?minPrice=&maxPrice=&resultCount=10

Any help would be appreciated!
13 years ago