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I am working on a Restful Webservices client using https. Here are the steps I follow....

a) I create a HTTPClient, set the NameValuePair with action, username, password tokens as j_security_check, j_username, j_password for authentication. I create the PostMethod and make the authentication call.
b) Server authenticates successfully and I get back statuscode = 200.
c) Now, I releaseConnection PostMethod, and create a new PostMethod for the second request, but with the same authenticated HTTPClient object.
d) Second postmethod is the actual restful webservice call for the data.

Now, second call successfully works and returns correct results when there is only one server running on the webservices provider end. But, when the provider brings up two servers, then the second call returns unauthorized or it fails at the first call itself returning statuscode = 400.

I am thinking the provider has some load balancer running before the two servers. So, I need some kind of sticky session at the load balancer so that the second is routed to the same server as the first. Is this correct? Or Am I goofing up somewhere in my HTTP Client code.

I would really appreciate any clues to resolve this issue. Also, I posted the same issue here as well

Thank you.
the answer is A & B.

I am trying to build the web services application using the example mentioned in the below tutorial. I got stuck at "Configure the application deployment descriptor" step of this tutorial. In this example, the user is using RAD V7.0 and I'm using RAD V7.5. I was unable to locate the Application Deployment Descriptor Editor with tabs, such as security, deployment, module etc., using which I could Gather Roles and Add Users. Tried options of opening the application.xml using various different editors, but couldn't locate the correct one.

It is not that I could not edit the xml manually, but, again, this would be error-prone for regular development. If someone could help me out to locate the similar Application Deployment Descriptor Editor used in this tutorial, that would be great.


Thank you
11 years ago

Thank you very much for your time & effort to reply to my post. You guess it right, I'm running WAS on Vista. Changing the user account control did work very well.

Thank you again,

11 years ago

I need some help trying to start and stop Websphere Application Server. When I issue WAS start or stop I get this Exception. Could anyone direct me how to get this resolved on windows OS.

ADMU7707E: Failed while trying to determine the Windows Service name for server: server1;

---Complete Exception Trace, when I issues stop server---

11 years ago