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is the voucher is still available.if yes at what price you are offering .please contact my mail id is varinder.akash@gmail.com
12 years ago
is the voucher is still available??please reply.i need a voucher for scjp 5.0.if you are having a voucher you can contact me on my mail id varinder.akash@gmail.com
12 years ago

is String and StringBuffer are incompatible types?
when we performs equals test on String and StringBuffer at line no 3 why they are not showing result sb equals s1.
euals does not mean meaningfully equivalent
can anyone clear about line no 9 in anand's post
why the output showing is options
E &F

what is the logic behind this
how the exception is going from s3 to s2

can anybody tell how the code execution takes place

Which, inserted independently at // insert code here, will compile, and produce the output
b? (Choose all that apply.)
A. String doFileStuff() { return "b"; }
B. String doFileStuff() throws IOException { return "b"; }
C. String doFileStuff(int x) throws IOException { return "b"; }
D. String doFileStuff() throws FileNotFoundException { return "b"; }
E. String doFileStuff() throws NumberFormatException { return "b"; }
F. String doFileStuff() throws NumberFormatException,
FileNotFoundException { return "b"; }
thanks for clearing doubt.now i got it
thanks for clearing doubt
but in K&S answer is c
B c1 is eligible for GC
2. Given:
class CardBoard {
Short story = 5;
CardBoard go(CardBoard cb) {
cb = null;
return cb;
public static void main(String[] args) {
CardBoard c1 = new CardBoard();
CardBoard c2 = new CardBoard();
CardBoard c3 = c1.go(c2);
c1 = null;
// do Stuff
} }
When // doStuff is reached, how many objects are eligible for GC?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 3
D.compilation fails