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Sean Sullivan

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Recent posts by Sean Sullivan

I am using IBM Rational Application Developer 7.0 on Windows XP. I have a Dynamic Web Project in my workspace. On the project properties
page, the "J2EE Module Dependencies" is not working.

When I click on J2EE Module Dependencies, RAD 7.0 displays this
message in a message box:

"The current displayed page contains invalid values"

All of my Dynamic Web Projects are having this problem.

I contacted IBM Support and I am waiting for a workaround and/or a fix.
Also, I found a similar problem in the Eclipse bug database:

Does anybody have a workaround for this problem?
12 years ago
I downloaded the software using Download Director. It took more than 3 hours to download the 6.7 GB files.
12 years ago
I am downloading RAD 7.0 right now. (My company belongs to IBM's Passport Advantage program. The software is available in the Passport Advtange download area).
12 years ago
I received an email from my IBM account rep.

He said this about RAD 7.0:

"Yes, December 5th is the release date for electronic delivery of the new Software Development Platform products, including RAD."
12 years ago
I gave a presentation at the Portland Java User Group on October 24th:

Ate Douma gave a portlet presentation at ApacheCon in October 2006:
13 years ago

13 years ago
If you want to use JDOM in Websphere, you need to use PARENT_LAST classloading instead of PARENT_FIRST
13 years ago

WebSphere Studio Application Developer for Linux and Windows, V5.1

End of support date: 30 Sep 2006
13 years ago
Addendum: All of my web applications are using HTTPS (SSL). I am planning to use HTTP compression in conjunction with HTTPS.

Is anybody using mod_deflate and HTTPS together?
13 years ago
I'm using Websphere and I need the server to compress HTML responses using gzip and set this response header:

Content-Encoding: gzip

I have 30 WAR's and I don't want to configure a servlet filter in each WAR.

One alternative to servlet filters is to use mod_deflate module
in the HTTP server.

Is anybody using mod_deflate in IBM HTTP Server 6.0.x ?
13 years ago

IBM United States Software Announcement 206-076
April 11, 2006

Statement of direction

IBM is targeting to make the following components and configurations of IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1 and related tools available within the next twelve months:

* IBM Rational Application Developer �

Rational Application Developer and Rational Software Architect are IBM tools that can help you design and develop applications for WebSphere Application Server. As standard, all WebSphere Application Server configurations ship with the Application Server Toolkit, which is primarily used for assembling and deploying applications to WebSphere Application Server. The Application Server Toolkit contains a sub-set of Rational Application Developer/Rational Software Architect functionality since it is based on Eclipse and the Eclipse Web Tools Project.

In 2006, both WebSphere and Rational plan to release major updates that are designed to be compatible with one another. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 is announced here. Rational is currently planning to ship Rational Application Developer and Rational Software Architect V7.0 in the second half of 2006. The gap between these product releases is intentional and is necessary to meet customer requirements for the WebSphere-specific functionality in Rational Application Developer and Rational Software Architect. During the timeframe between the availability of WebSphere Application Server V6.1 and Rational Application Developer V7.0 / Rational Software Architect V7.0, WebSphere customers who need to build and deploy applications to WebSphere Application Server V6.1 should use the Application Server Toolkit. Once V7.0 of the Rational products become available, those projects could be imported from the Application Server Toolkit to Rational Application Developer V7.0 / Rational Software Architect V7.0 to take advantage of the added capabilities.
13 years ago