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Recent posts by Emanuele Ghe

I don't think you are ready.

I would study more to get at least 50% on examlab, and do again the thests in Enthuware where you scored less than 65%.

Having a medium of 70% on enthuware and 58% on examlab I got 90% at scjp6.

Larry Olson wrote:

As next goal I was looking for SCJD then SCEA, but Oracle is changing both, so I'll wait to see what happens.

I see. You mean Oracle is making changes to the scope of the exam, the content, the format etc.? Did you happen to have the link for a website that provides some information related to this? Thanks.

Just take a look at the stiky thread in SCJD forum:

11 years ago

Larry Olson wrote:That is a awesome score. Congrats...

What is your next goal? Are you shooting for SCJD or SCWCD or...? Keep up the good work!

Thanks mate.

As next goal I was looking for SCJD then SCEA, but Oracle is changing both, so I'll wait to see what happens.
11 years ago
Got a score reprint from Prometric, passed SCJP6 with 90% !!!

THanks all here at JavaRanch. You can find my experience here:
11 years ago
Prometric sent me a score report reprint.

Passed with 90%!
11 years ago
the best thing for you is to try the program yourself in spite of making this kind of posts.

You will learn a lot more trying things in spite of asking.

You should ask only when, even trying, you can't understand something, or you need some kind of clarification.
Thanks all mates.

I called Prometric and they told me they will send my score report via post to my home address.

As soon as I get the report I will inform you all ;)

11 years ago
Hi Paul,
first I wanna congratulate you for your software. It helped me a lot and I think it's worth its money.

Anyway, for question 2.274, this is your explanation:
"Statement 3 is the only thing guaranteed by the JVM. Pay attention to the does not say that an Object will be GCed or the likes. All it says isthat IF ever an object is actually being destroyed by GC then before destroying it, its finalize() method will definitely be called."

This answer is WRONG. The garbage collector could skip some objects. The only thing guardanted is that the finalize() will be called AT MOST once, but it could be not called.

For question 2.304, this is your explanation:
"Note that none of the terms in the expression 1 - rate/100*1 - r/100; is double/float. They are all ints. So the result of the expression will be an int.
Therefore, amount can be int, long, float or double"

but the only answer you mark as correct is "double or float", but also "int or long" is correct, as you explain in your explanation.

I hope this helps improving the software.

11 years ago
Ah, I have a question:
does the score report contains some needed information to register with Sun Certification database or something else ?

Or I will get all the needed information by email ?

11 years ago
today I've passed SCJP6 with score...unknown... Anyway I am happy I passed it (I hope I will be able to see my score on the official certification I will receive at home).

Unfortunately the test center and the prometric software had problem printing my score report,
so the test center administrator was only able to show me, through the test software administration,
that I have passed the exam...

IT WAS A NIGHTMARE, because also their test server was randomly rebooting...
I was so scared that my exam could have lost...Fortunately, after ones of the most stressing 50minutes of my
life (I am not counting university studies period ;) ) we finally managed to start that damn server again,
and the test center administrator uploaded my exam to prometric, showing me that I passed it

I have to say that I calmed down only hours later, when I was able to see, logging inside the prometric
website, that I've passed the exam: the exam status is now "passed".

Sorry for this rash, but I have to YELL OUT my frustration ;)

Anyway, here is my "road to success" ^_^

I've gone through the K&B book 1 time, and, when reaching the end of each chapter, I did the 2 min drills
and the self-test.

At the end of K&B book I bought Enthuware test suite.
I did all enthuware tests (apart from the final test, because I had no time), and, 2 week before
the exam date, I did also all the ExamLab mocks (apart from the "diagnostic test").

At the end of each mock test, I have always reviewed all questions, writing a document containing
the concepts I missed. When I've found something unclear, I've gone through internet (google, articles, and
of course this forum), and I did a lot of little tests by myself.

My Enthuware scores ranged from a minimum of 61% to a maximum of 82%.

Have to say that, in my opinion, enthuware is a MUST to get: if you have to study during work (as I did),
enthuware ability to pause/resume an exam, and the possibility to review questions also after doing
exams, is really helpfull. Its a great learning tool.

Of course I've never passed any of ExamLab exams. My examlab scores are:
Test1: 50%
Test2: 55%
Test3: 60%
Test4: 63%.

The real exam was easier than the mocks, but in fact is fundamental to practice mocks because there were
tricky questions inside the real exam.
The trickiest question for me was a one that needed me to remember that TreeSet.subSet(E, bool, E, bool) returns a
NavigableSet (and not a SortedSet, like the oter subSet* methods) and also that it fails at runtime if you try
to add something to a subset that is outside the range of the subset.

This just to give you this feeling: the real exam is easier if compared to the mocks, but you need to practice on
harder mocks to be able to spot tricks like that one inside real exam questions.

Thanks all ranchers for the support, and Devaka for doing such a great learning tool.
11 years ago

Prasad Kharkar wrote:well well
really sorry for answering the question wrong totally
may I ask you something?
why do you think that the lines should not compile?
just asking I am not cross questioning you
because I am here to learn also
if you can put your opinions
then we can discuss more

according to me
the answer is a little simple and I did not think about it before
I think

A and B are in the same inheritance tree and hence we can cast the arrays of superclass to type of subclass at COMPILE TIME but it throws the ClassCastException
as follows
I edited the code a little bit and compiled and run

and this gives the runtime exception
as we cannot convert an A[] type into B[] type

I agree,
it was simple, my mind was just overwhelmed by the studies ;)

Thanks for helping me mate.

now in the line
A[] gred = (B[]) gread ; the compilation fails

This is wrong, code at LINE 4 compiles succesfully.
Since noone reads the Enthuware official forum, I'll post errors I've found in the mock tests here:

com.enthuware.ets.scjp.v6.2.274 :

garbage collector will call finalize AT MOST 1 time, so the question and answer are wrong.

there are 2 correct results for this question:

but the test suite marks only float,double as correct, even if in the explanation is clearly stated that also int,long is correct.
11 years ago