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Recent posts by S Rahim

Welcome Mr Ramnivas Laddad.
10 years ago
I think this is the best thread to post my query. I am new to both Ruby and Groovy so pardon my ignorance.

What does Ruby offer that Groovy does not or vice versa?. Both are geared towards J2EE environment. My understanding was
that Ruby and RoR both are a bit of leap forward from plain ol' Java, but the syntax had different feel to it than Java.
But Groovy feels like java intentionally --- (I believe that is because Groovy wanted to Ruby killer ).

So my question is what would should one lean towards, Groovy(Grails) or Ruby/JRuby (RoR).
The problem is I am facing is the time constraints. I like the idea that people are pushing the envelop all
the time -- but we all have so much time. We need to solve problems, not try to tied a particular language.
Like, I would use awk so some simple grep processing in a small file in UNIX. But use perl to do string manipulation
if the file is big. But would use database for real queries.
So my question is what problems Ruby can solve, but Groovy cannot and vice versa?

11 years ago
Hi All,
I have a compilation error both in Java 1.5.0_16 and 1.6.0_10 with generics.
I wanted to add a string to a LinkedList with comaprable as the base class ( String does implement Comparable). I looked at the
SCJP 5 book by Katherine Sierra and it seems to say (to me at least ) that it should work-- please see page 620 onwards (chapter 7 --
she is talking about a class called TestWildcards )
The following class gives compilation error at line #6 ("list.add(dummy);") -- Please see below for code and errors.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Compilation and error given below (similar errors, BTW)
using Java 5(1.5.0_16)

using Java 6 (1.6.0_10)

11 years ago