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Recent posts by suvankar bose

i have passed scwcd with 89% two days back . (i am certainly happy about that)
but the problem is sun certficate manager is not showing the update in my profile.
did the sun certificate manager database takes some time to update itself?

waiting for your comment
i have completed my scwcd certification . I have a good knowledge in java,jsp,servlets,taglib.
What else should i learn before starting with webservice?
and please refer a good book on webservice

thanks in advance
11 years ago

luri ron wrote:didn't quite get your question. here is my 2 cents.

ip is the network layer. without the ip address, i don't think you can send send anything.

let us assume you have the network layer, if you want to server to send something to client, you can send the message using UDP first from the "server" to "client"

who said i want to connect to any computer that does not have ip.
client have a local ip . but to connect to WAN it uses a common natted ip.
in actual many internet provider gives you a natted ip to connect to net .
so when you are connected to net if you see your ip address by an ipconfig. you may not get a ip that is global.
most of the time you get a natted ip

when the client get connected it connects with a global ip which is actually the ip which is natted.

so when we use
DatagramSocket send method .
send(new DatagramPacket(buffer,pos,INTERNET_ADDERSS_OF_THE_CLIENT,CLIENT_PORT))

I think we will not get the INTERNET_ADDRESS_OF_THE_CLIENT
because the client is using the natted ip.

if you have any code that do bi directional massage please post

it will be great help Paul

my application will be used in that environment:
the server has a real ip,
but the client may be in a LAN , the client doesn't have a real ip ,it connects to WAN
through NAT.

just like a chat software, or other p2p software,
the server has to send messages to client initiatively and continuously.
(that means the server will send messages .At the same time ,the client will accept those messages like a server.)

if i use socket to write my code , i just need use send ,
then, although the client in a LAN ,i can connect to it ,and send messages initiatively.

but now ,i can't get the client 's ip and port in ICE.
how to do when i have to send messages to a client which is in a LAN and don't have a real ip ?
i need the server sends messages initiatively.
is there any example which can let me study?

thanks in advance
which ide is the best . give your comment...
also mention its special features.
i am suvankar bose . i am a student of 3 rd year i have just completed my scjp certification. it was a great experience . but i want to proceed . can any one tell me which certification will be suitable for me after this (as per getting a job in a good company)

thanks in advance