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Recent posts by Jeena Jeen

Lou Moloney wrote:hey Jeena

Good luck with the study and cert

I think todo the 819 cert starting now would take a lot of work if you haven't code in java for several years. Not impossible but if you have any other commitments, very difficult I would say. Just depends what time you can devote to it.

I'm studying for the same exam ( started at start if March ), and I feel like I won't be ready for it ( working on it between 10 to 25 hours per week on it, depending on how many time I can give it).

I feel I won't be ready for Apr 25th.

I've been out of Java in earnest for over 10 years ( last cert I did was Sun SCJP 1.5 ), so wanting to come back into Java.

But this is great site for help, I've heard great things about Pauls Enthuware exams.

Good luck.

Hi Lou,
Oh wow 25 hrs ... that's awesome. I am also planning to do at least 2-3 hrs. per day. But its going to be very difficult to do by 25th April but I have started preparation. will try my best.  I want to go for 819 as it will help to revise all the concepts once again.
Wish you good luck for your exam.

Thanks for your encouragement Paul. 25th is really close but its worth a try. Can you please recommend some book to follow?
Hello guys,

I am re-joining the group after a long time. I was on a break for about 7 years. I want to restart my career as a Java developer. I have mostly worked as a backend developer and I have Java SE6 Certification. I want to brush up my skills. I think it will be good to have latest Java Certificate so that I am ready to apply for jobs again. I found 2 certifications:

Upgrade OCP Java 6, 7 & 8 to Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-817
Java SE 11 Developer Exam Number: 1Z0-819
Can someone please help to decide which of this certification is better to do after a long gap or maybe some other certification will be helpful. And also please help with reference with books and tutorials for the same.

This group has helped me a lot during my preparation for Java 6 Certifications. Hope to get some replies.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Hi all,
I am trying to make a small my own custom Exception class and then to use it. But i need to know if it is a good way to do it or should i change something?


So my doubt is in getInt() method. Even though i am throwing  MyCustomException it doesn;t catch it as the exception coming is NumberFormatException. SO i could come up with only this way to handle exception .
What I want to know is that is it okay to do like this?? or there is some other way to handle
Thanks in advance...
3 years ago
Please can some one help
Here is the structure of my files:

Fist I have start my test1.html: WHich is sccuessful: It take me to the servlet:
But after i enter the values in and press enter I expect it to forward me to test.jsp
This is how it is done in my servlet


But i am getting error:
The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.
Please can someone help me;


4 years ago
So from servlet if i want to pass some paramters to the test.jsp I will do it through RequestDispatcher but what should be the path?
Should i write RequestDispatcher view = request.getRequestDispatcher("test.jsp");
RequestDispatcher view = request.getRequestDispatcher("/test.jsp");
4 years ago
Ok thats what i was thinking. I need a servlet to access it.
Will make a servlet

4 years ago
Hello all,
I have a jsp file which i have added in to the WEB-INF directoy: WEB-INF/test.jsp
I am trying to access it through HTML So i did
<form method="POST" name="test" action="/WEB-INF/test.jsp">

But it didn't work.
Is it not the correct way to do it? Is it not possible? Do I need to create a servlet and use it ?
Please can some one help me out.
4 years ago
Read all objects means read full file. The .dat file contains lot of Student Objects.
So the way i was thinking is to read the full file and using loop i get First , last or some particular position object from the File which I thought is not so efficient, As first I have read full file again. So, if there was some kind of cursor in the file which i can use(i am not sure if that exists?)
4 years ago
Hello all,
I have a small confusion. I want to read a .dat file stored locally.
I know the simple way to read all the objects from the file .
But what i want in my project is to get first object , last object, previous etc.
So what is the best way to do that?
What i was thinking is to read the full file and store objects one by one in ArrayList and then do whatever i want. But I was just wondering is there any other way to do it as well?

4 years ago
Its connected through http. Remote host is just a web server supporting java and can accept Binary content.
Hi all,

I am not new to java but never done socket programming before. I was reading about reading a file from remote host is possible with URL but couldn't find if it is possible for client to update the file back to the server(Remote host not the local host)?
Can anyone please make me understand this. And if not possible then why?  

Thanks in advance.
For the mock test Question No #18 of Chapter 2. The answer is "B" But on the answers on Page338 its mentions as A
While in the explanation it says option "B" is correct.
Please can you confirm if B is correct or not..