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Jelle Victoor

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since Feb 13, 2009
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Recent posts by Jelle Victoor

What lifecycle interceptors run inside transactions?
postconstruct, predestroy?
Got my SCBCD planned tomorrow, I have the ethuware test suite and seem to be doin ok, avg of 70%.
Any last tips before i go in? What parts should i review for a last time etc?
The @MDB annotation does not exits, its not in the api. I think there are some bug's in your test exam...
This was a very stupid mistake. I had set the response.setstatus and my code continued. It did not matter where i go the error, i would get it every time because the set status was causing the abort.

sorry for this post.
I'm generating an pdf from a servlet. So when you go to the url, i generate the pdf.
When I close my pdfstamper, i get this stacktrace:

The code i'm excecuting is not that special, so I'm going to show you the basics.

I know it is allot of code but it comse from the multiple tiers in the application, i hope it is clear. We are using tomcat to run the application.