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Ankitt Dhebarr

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Recent posts by Ankitt Dhebarr

I really thank all for your kind support !!
OK !! Thanks I will take care from next time !!
So What should I use ?? Actually I am new so I dont know much about it !!

Thanks a lot to everyone for helping me a lot !!

The wrapper variable is not 'i' its 'a' . I am sorry !!! Now can anyone help me out !!

I am sorry i had misprinted somthing !!! Now I am getting A NUllPointerException !!! Why is it ?? Can you help me out please !!

How come a nullpointer exception has occurred i this program !!!

Thanks Balu for your help !!! Really appreciate it !!!

No but the output shows True at the end I really dont kow how ?? Need Help !!

I did not understand the output !!
See If you can help me out please I really need your help !!!

Can anyone help me out by telling what will be the output of the above code and how is it step by step so that I can understand it exactly !!

Friends need your help urgently !! Can anyone explain me exactly step by step !!! Whats going on in this code !!

Fellas !! I am not able to understand this can you help me out with it ??? Thanks

Fellas !! I have a doubt in class Hierarchy!! Please Help me !!

Here we are supposed to find at which line an exception is thrown
I think it should be line 14 but thats not the answer. Thats because if it would have been B b=new C(); then we could have written b=(C)m but the line is B b=new B();
This example is taken from Devaka Coorey !!


Can anyone tell me what could be the answer and why so ???