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Recent posts by tushar panda

Paul Sturrock wrote:Have you tried echoing the paths to double check they are right?

yes they are right ,

are set in "" & "" is in main folder(where all files are present).

Paul Sturrock wrote:I'm assuming the typo in the second one is not in the real file, yes?

can't get it , please elaborate
12 years ago
i am a bit confused , how to set a path.
i set as in the code below but still i cannot use the classes bundled in the "weblogic.jar" and "com.bea.core.descriptor.wl_1.1.0.0.jar" .

after googling , i got the below two code snippets but neither is working for me:


weblogic.home and bea.home are set correctly.

it looks as if fileset & pathelement location does the same work.
i know the code is right but in my case its not working ,can anyone figure out why its not working in my case.

12 years ago
i migrated from Bea Weblogic 8.1 to Oracle Weblogic 10.3 . i could not find weblogic builder tool.
Is it there in 10.3 version or not ???

12 years ago
i was unable to find a install file for sun studio creator for windows there no install for XP.

i checked out there but no option for XP os.


sudheer kiran wrote:for servlets

in tomcat : servlet-api.jar for running servlets

sudheer kiran wrote:for jsp

in tomcat : jsp-api.jar for jsp

apart from this other jars are needed and are placed in lib folder of the web-container/server you are using .

12 years ago
i wrote this code so that "cachedrowset -- crs" (i got from the "resultset -- rs") can be changed according to the condn specified and the modified cachedrowset will be updated in the oracle database.

condn. is when " name=sanjiv" it will change it to "rajiv" both in cachedrowset and database , it is changed in the cachedrowset (according to output below) but NOT changed in the database.

the output is

strange thing is it is not reflected in oracle database even after line 39

I was trying to execute the jaasacn application provided here:

i am stuck with the realm & kdc . how can i find the realm & kdc

12 years ago
my code is :

whenever i am calling this servlet code from my jsp file :

it is showing "servlet exception"

showing this a 100-200 times then a "stackoverflow error".

if i put a stacktrace , it is giving :

is there a method to get the root cause of the servlet exception , how can i know the exact cause of the exception.
it looks as if a infinite loop is at line 10 in the servlet .
please help me.

12 years ago

xsunil kumar wrote:Check last line of your log file becauser server log will be appended in same log file. Verify with the time stamp given in your log file and your system time when you have started your tomcat server.

everything done ,still error
12 years ago

xsunil kumar wrote:Here net.tushar is wrong. It should be \net\tushar\LogFilter.class

not working ,getting same error again

xsunil kumar wrote:why you are providing this class in Root.

i am testing so i have put it there.

in logfiles @line 14 ,it says "exception starting filter logfilter". i think something is here..(not sure)

12 years ago
i was trying out an example on filter but got a few errors that said:

i checked the log files and got this :

as the error says i do not have "LogFilter" class in "net.tushar" directory , but i have it.

my "web.xml" code is:

"LogFilter" code

i am not sure but i think the culprit is "filter-class" declaration.

waiting for an answer

12 years ago

ravi lingala wrote:Can we write methods inside a jsp?

you can , but its an older way .
12 years ago

matias casal wrote:How should I call the session in the jsp ?

by using custom tags,jstl or by scriptlets(not preferred)
using EL : simply put ${variablename} - you get the session variable

using scriplets(again not preferred but you can do it)

<% String var1 = session.getAttribute("variablename");%>

matias casal wrote: I am using this in a jsp page ; request.sendRedirect("other.jsp");

its not "request.sendRedirect("other.jsp");" it is "response.sendRedirect("other.jsp");"

you can use this in your head instead :<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3;url=yourpage.jsp">

12 years ago

Carol Enderlin wrote:On the sample domains the username / password for 8.1 was typically weblogic / weblogic.

thanks , got it
12 years ago
what is the default Weblogic 8.1 "username" and "password" .
i know 8.1 is out of date , but ineed it for some purpose.
12 years ago