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Hi Deepak,

Thanks for your replay,

I am using ISAPI plug-in only. Our processor is not AMD, it’s an intel(R) Xenor(R) processor.
I didnt mention mention that we are ussing IIS7.5 not IIS7. The server we are using is windows 2008 server R2 standard.
Is there any compatability issue with 7.5 & weblogic 10.3?

One more thing I haven’t mentioned before is, the ear deployed in this server is built from a different box which is 32 bit windows xp system. To make it compatible to 64 bit system, I have changed the attribute in the IIS (applications pool --> default app pool --> Advanced setting --> enable 32 bit application = True)

When I try to access the application through the IIS, I am getting the following log

#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.5
#Version: 1.0
#Date: 2010-01-08 14:13:56
#Fields: date time s-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query s-port cs-username c-ip cs(User-Agent) sc-status sc-substatus sc-win32-status time-taken
2010-01-08 14:13:56 GET /arm - 80 - Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+8.0;+Windows+NT+6.1;+WOW64;+Trident/4.0;+SLCC2;+.NET+CLR+2.0.50727;+.NET+CLR+3.5.30729;+.NET+CLR+3.0.30729) 404 0 2 1796

Is there any way I can see more logs or so, so that I can debug to get some more info.

Appreciate your help

10 years ago
Hi all,

I am trying to configure IIS7 with weblogic 10.3 in a windows 2008 server (64 bit ) processor.
My application & IIS are residing in the same box.

I followed the below document to set it up the IIS.

I copied the iisforward.dll & iisproxy.dll from WL_Home\servers\plugins\win\64 dir.

my proxy.ini file looks like the following


When I try to hit the application using http://HOSTNAME/APPNAME. it gives me a 404 error. The exact error is as follows.

404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

I checked in the IIS to see what the error message is. In IIS it’s giving the following error message
HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found
The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Error code is 0x80070002

But If I try to hit the application with its port number its working fine. Some where the proxy redirection is not happening.
Can someone please help me in figuring out a solution for this?

Appreciate your help.

10 years ago

Thanks a lot for the response. I thinking security audit will help me in resolving my issue. I will try it and update you.

Once again thanks a lot for your advice.

10 years ago

I am new to welogic. We are using Weblogic 10.3. We have a JAAS enabled login module. For some reason some of the users are not getting logged in to the application. I want to see some more deails in the security classes. Now I am not seeing any security related logs in the log file. Can someone help how to enable the security classes logging in weblogic10. Is it something that should be configured using admin console. ?

Any help is appreciated.

10 years ago
Thanks for the replay.

I could figure out the issue, there was a network deplay happening in one route, that was causing the issue. Now its working fine. thanks a lot for your help.
11 years ago
Sorry for late in responding. I was busy with some other works. I successfully configured it and I am able to connect to the weblogic server. I am facing a new issue now. All the request proxies from IIS to weblogic takes a lot of time to load the page. If I am directly accessing application the request is served with in few seconds, where as if I am getting the request through IIS, its taking more than 3 min to get a response back n load the page. Is it because I am missing some kind of setting in IIS or weblogic?

I am using IIS5 in a win2000 server & weblogic 10 running in a win XP box. There were no firewall issues or anything like tht.

Could you please let me know if I am missing some configuration here?
11 years ago
Thanks Deepak,

I will try out the same and update you the results.

Appreciate your help.

11 years ago
Hi ,

I am facing an issue with IIS5.0 & weblogic10. I am new with IIS &webapps. Please help me to resolve the issue
We have an ear deployed in weblogic10 in a server box. And we have a windows2000 server where IIS5 is running. I am using the Microsoft IIS proxy plugin to try to redirect the entire request to the wl app server via IIS.
I have the following ?’s.
I followed the steps mentioned in this following link. I got confused with certain things mentioned in the document
Q1  Do we need to have IIS & Wl server running in the same box.
Q2  In the above link step 1 says copy the issproxy.dll to a directory accessible to IIS. Since in my case they both are running in different box, shall I copy it in to the box where IIS is running?
Q3  Step 2 talks about proxiying by file extension & step3 talks about proxying by path. Which one should I use for a simple ear application.
Q4  What is the URL I need to use to hit the IIS, so that it will redirect the request to the appropriate? For example, my weblogic server is running @ To hit this URL, in IIS how should I send the request?

I know some of the questions looks pretty silly, I am new to this IIS stuff. Please help me to understand these stuff.

Appreciate your help.

11 years ago
Hi All,

I am facing an issue with my web service. I am trying to port my application from jboss to weblogic. I deployed the application in weblogic and tried to invoke the web service. But I am getting a 401 Un authorized error.
I am exposing a stateless session bean as web service. In the server-config.wsdd I have specified the authentication mechanism as “SimpleAuthenticationHandler”. Please see the code below.
<service name="XXXService" provider="java:EJB">
<parameter name="allowedMethods" value="MMMM,NNNN"/>
<parameter name="beanJndiName" value="XXXX"/>
<parameter name="homeInterfaceName" value="XXXXHome"/>
<handler type="java:org.apache.axis.handlers.SimpleAuthenticationHandler" />

And in my WEB-INF folder I have a users.lst file which specifies the UID/PWD which should be used for authentication.

When I tried to invoke the webservice using the end point URL I am able to access the web service. It is not even asking for UID/PWD to enter. I am not sure if it’s a default behavior or not. But If I try to access the service using a client programme. I am getting a 401Un authorized error. I am sure that I am passing the correct UID/PWD.

The following code explains how I am connecting to the web service via the client.
XXXStub abc = (XXXStub)factory.getMyService();
result = ((XXXStub)abc).MMMM();

I am getting the following error message when I invoke the webservice


at org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.readFromSocket(

at org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.invoke(
at org.apache.axis.strategies.InvocationStrategy.visit(
at org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.doVisiting(
at org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.invoke(
at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invoke(
at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invokeEngine(
at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(

When I remove the security code from the client & from the server-config.wsdd. It works fine. I am thinking the way that I am specifying the security information in server-config.wsdd is incorrect. I dont have any issue with this in jboss. its all appearing only in weblogic. I am using axis1.2 and weblogic10.

Please help me to resolve this issue?

Appreciate your help

11 years ago

I have an application deployed in weblogic 10. I am using a ReadOnly SQL authenticator to authenticate the user against a database. All these process successfully completed. Now In my application I would like to get the logged in users credentials such as user name and password. I am able to retrieve the username using the web logic’s subjectUtil’s class. But I am not able to retrieve the password information. I tried it by calling the getprivateCredential() method of subject class. But its returning null. The following line of code explains what I did so far

//Retrieving the subject
Subject sub =;
//getting the principal from subject
//retrieving the user name from subject – Working fine

//getting the private credentials – Not working set is always returning null
Set privateCre = sub.getPrivateCredentials();
Iterator it1 = privateCre.iterator();
System.out.println("PRIVATE ******!!!";

Can anyone help me how to retrieve the password info?

Appreciate your help

11 years ago
I am also in a similar situvation. Could you please let me know If you find anything good in this topic. If so please share the same with me.

Appreciate your help.

11 years ago
I am using straight forward jdbc call only.

If I am not going to use the set autocomit false. By default the setAutoComit is true and after each query execution, it will commit. For ex. I have four separate insert statement. If I am not using the setAutocomit false initially, then after every single insert statement, jboss will call the commit. In this scenario, if I have an exception occurred in the four the insert statement. I cannot rollback the first three inserts which are already committed. What I really want is if the exception occurred in the forth insert, it should roll back all the four.

Hope you understood my problem.

11 years ago

My application is running in jboss5.0 app server.
I am trying to save information to different tables in an oracle database.

In order to do that we are actually setting the connection’s setautoCommit() method with a false value.

Then calls all the insert/update statements to diff tables. After that we are calling the connections. commit() & then again we are setting the setautoCommit() method with a true value.

During runtime I am getting the following error
ERROR [STDERR] java.sql.SQLException: You cannot commit with autocommit set!

I am using a <local-tx-datasource>. I haven’t specified any auto commit attribute in my data source definition.

Can some one tell me what could be the issue & how can I resolve this.

Appreciate your help

11 years ago
Hi Scholtz

Thanks for the replay.

I tried to retrieve the value using the resource bundle API & it worked.

Appreciate your help

11 years ago