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Recent posts by igor bolsovitch

Hi everybody,

After a hard work, I solved my problem.

My solution is : whenever you want to run multiple application with tomcat and you want to access each application without its name at the end of URL, then you must put each app in its folder under CATALINA_BASE and rename it to ROOT.

You need to follow this howTo : http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/virtual-hosting-howto.html

and then apache configuration goes easy :

13 years ago
I made the test and this is what i get :

http://myip:8080/ ----> hit the manager
http://www.mysite.com ----> hit the manager
http://myip:8080/myapp ----> hit my application
http://www.mysite.com/myapp -----> hit my application

I restarted apache but it doesn't help but when I restart tomcat then it is ok.

So I think the problem is at tomcat level and isn't at the proxy one, isn't it ?

Thanks for your help as I'm really stuck with this.
13 years ago
ok Ben, I'll give it a try and come back in few minutes ;)
13 years ago
Hi Ben,

My application completely deployed and I still reach the manager even 5 minutes after tomcat start.

And yes I'm seeing the manager application at : http://myip:8080/manager/html


ps 1
I'm running tomcat behind apache (proxy http).

ps 2
I made some change to my $CATALINA_BASE/conf/server.xml so that I don't have to add /appname at the end of the url

13 years ago

The first time I deploy, when I enter the url of my website (let's say : www.mysite.com) on my web browser, it takes me the tomcat manager application.
the next time when I stop/start tomcat, www.mysite.com goes to my application.

This is the scenario from beginning :
- stop tomcat
- delete mysite.war , delete mysite directory (under webapps)
- scp the new version of mysite.war from my pc to the server (under webapps)
- start tomcat
- tape : www.mysite.com ----------> it goes to the manager application of tomcat.
- stop/start tomcat
- tape : www.mysite.com ----------> OK it show up my site.
- any stop/start : no problems www.mysite.com shows my site.

Can somebody explain that to me please ?

Thanks for the help.
13 years ago

I'm facing the same problem in a Maven project under Eclipse.

My log4j.properties is under src/main/resources/ so it is automatically pushed to my output directory : target/classes

When I run my small main class from Eclipse I get an FileNotFoundException about log4j.properties but the stronge thing is that the had been parsed I can see the formated output of log4j

If I run my main class from the command line, than I have no Exception (Which is normal because log4j.properties is located under classes)

this is my main :

@ Paul Clapham

And if your project is a regular Java application and not a web application, then simply putting the properties file into the project at the root level causes it to be in the project's classpath.

Yes it worked for me also but I don't want to keep two versions of my log4j.properties (one under resources and the other into the project at the root level) I prefere keep the structure given by maven

What causes Eclipse to be blind about log4j.properties ?

Mea culpa,

It was a part I found in the top table (Summary)

I have serious problem with Jboss messaging.

I have 2 EJB

Stateless : OrderBean
MDB : EmailSenderBean

The first (OrderBean) has to send message to the queue orderQueue.
The second (EmailSenderBean) should realize that a new message has come (method onMessage) and should execute a buisiness method (Send an E-mail)

But it doesn't work : It seems that EmailSenderBean does not listen, because when I deploy my application I see this error in jboss:

Is that normal that he logs about the DLQ while in MDB I have :

14 years ago
Just because in glassfish it works ... as expected:

Annotation Type MessageDriven

Optional Element Summary

A product specific name(e.g. global JNDI name of a queue) that this message-driven bean should be mapped to.

14 years ago

igor bolsovitch wrote:

Does mappedName attribute work with @MessageDriven EJB3.0 annotation with jboss 5.0 AS ?

No it doesn't. The mappedName in JBoss is considered to be the JNDI name of the bean. Since MDBs don't get bound to the JNDI for lookup, the mappedName isn't used for MDBs.

+1 Glassfish
14 years ago

Does mappedName attribute work with @MessageDriven EJB3.0 annotation with jboss 5.0 AS ?

it seems to be not working because I have to add a property like this so that he knows what queue to use :

I found a Jira ticket that look like to my problem (@EJB in JSF ignores mappedName) https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-4399

PS : Jaikiran Pai the link here is no more good
14 years ago
thank you Peter Johnson, it works for me.
14 years ago