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Recent posts by Dragon Liu

I'm using 'Complete Java 2 Certification' too.
Although the authors state that the last three chapters ( Components, Painting & I/O )are not explicity mentioned in the Exam objectives but the "Programmer's Final Exam" in Appendix B
of the book include the question about the last three chapters.
So I think you should learn the last three questions
You are writing a set of classes related to cooking and have created your own exception hierarchy derived from java.lang.Exception as follows
+-- BadTasteException
+-- BitterException
+-- SourException
The last means that BitterException is the subclass of the BadTasteException.
I think so
I have learned the "Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide"
Now I want to take some mock exams to know wheather I can pass
the scjp exam.Where can I find it?
When I develop the java program,I can learn the class I need from
help system very easy!.
but in scjp exam,I think it's not allowed to access the help system!So should I remember most of the classes in JDK?
Now I gain about seven hundred dollars a month.
I want to know the possible pay i can gain a month after i pass
the scjp exam!
Hi jonathan yang;
Are you in beijing? and do you know how i can applay the exam?
Hi Jane Griscti:
Thanks a lot! :-)
hello everyone:
I am preparing for the scjp program.Yesterday I have buy the book
"Complete Java2 Certification Study Guide" yesterday.I don't know whether it's a appropriate book.Who can tell me what book do you use to prepare the exam.
Geoffrey Falk:
I agree with you very much!
20 years ago
hi mou haj:
Maybe I can help you .
you can build a dll file on windows.
so the step on Solaris is very similar!
Step 1:
On Solaris, the following command builds a shared library example: libhello.so:
cc -G -I/usr/local/java/include -I/usr/local/java/include/solaris \
HelloWorldImp.c -o libhello.so
Step two:
After you do that,you can invoke the native method in java.
If you see an exception like the following, then you don't have your library path set up correctly.
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no hello in shared library path
at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary(Runtime.java)
at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(System.java)
at java.lang.Thread.init(Thread.java)
use the following to set your library path.
% setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH mylibrarypath
where mylibrarypath is the name of the directory that contains libhello.so.

20 years ago
Hi hotsoup:
If you have the source code of ServerSocket,you can see when the
Serversocket receive your request datagram,what does it deal with
it.Maybe The ServerSocket close right now without send data to you when receive your datagram.
In vc the socket is more complex than socket in java.
Hi dkumar sharma:
I dont't know what's your means.but if you write a server program
yourself.it means that either your client program is write in java or in c++ or etc,you can get the connect user count easily in your server program.
I don't know wheather my answer means your request?
Hi Paul Anil:
Thanks a lot for your response.
My industrial apps is for electric power data gather.The system
need several apps to perform different task.For example: data gather app and graphic app for mmi.All of the apps are run on the same computer.The data is from com port of computer.
To insure the response speed,the data need to be stored in memory.In c++ edition of this system,we use share memory technology to share data among apps .But java does not support point to operate memory.
RMI/CORBA can't meet the speed request.
20 years ago
Jim Petersen:
Thanks for your advice first.
This post is the hottest post area in javaRanch.
So I think I can get reply more eventual in this post than any other post area.
20 years ago