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Recent posts by Nicolas Allo

And what if i want to add a colum in my table "belong_to" a column whose the name is "quantity". Quantity depends of a cocktail and a category for example.
I don't find a solution..

Thank you.

The application server is JBOSS 4 and I use JPA/HIbernate but the error is also present with JPA/TopLink.

I got a table " belong_to " who does the interaction between my cocktails and my categories of cocktails by referencing a line for a couple (cocktail/category)
A cocktail can have several categories and the inverse is also true.

The problem is present when i try to insert a line into "belong_to".

Of course, i want my architecture allows me in case i remove a cocktail, it will remove automatically each line of my table "belong_to" where my cocktail exists.
The same idea for my categories.

These are my 3 tables:

These are my 3 entities:

I got a mistake when i persist a CategoryCocktailId despite my entity is well formed
This is my test:

This is the error:

DOes someone has an idea to deal with this problem?

It should be a really common type of solution used to deal with interactif objects like this.?

Thank you very much

Does Somebody find a solution for this particularity?