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Recent posts by srikanth Thandra

Hi All,

I am observing that delete query on user_skills table is also getting called along with user select query.
Actually there are two entities User and Skill. There is a ManyToMany relationship between these two entities with a join table USER_SKILLS. Below are the class defintions:

I was able to save User with  many skills into database and when I try to get the saved user info from database then delete query on user_skills table is also getting fired and the data is getting deleted from user_skills table. Below is the queries log:

   User table query: select as id1_2_0_,this_.first_name as first_na8_2_0_,this_.last_name as last_na11_2_0_ from user user0_  where
   User_Skills table query: select as id1_2_0_,userskills0_.skill_id as skill_id2_4_0_,skill1_.skill_id as skill_id1_0_1_, as name2_0_1_  from  user_skills userskills0_ inner join skill skill1_ on userskills0_.skill_id=skill1_.skill_id

   User_Skills delete query: delete from user_skills where id=?

Why this delete query is getting called I am not getting? Is this expected in hibernate? Can some one please help me on this?
Hi everyone,

I am new to file loading concepts and working on below requirement. I need your help on achieving the below:

There is a property file with name containing a property THEMES_DIR_PATH=C:/Personal/WebContent/themes. This folder is there in my project/WebContent also. The person earlier coded are reading the property file in a static block of java file and loading the THEMES_DIR_PATH and it is working only in windows operating system. Now what my requirement is can we achieve this THEMES_DIR_PATH directory loading on any operating system (windows oe linux) . How can i achieve this. Please help me on this as this is a very urgent requirement.

Thanks and regards,
6 years ago
Hi everyone,

I am new to web service and learning myself. Can some one please post me a working sample REST service with GET and HEAD methods for testing purpose. I need this service to be tested with SOAP UI. Please help me out. I have checked in internet but couldn't able to find the working service with GET and HEAD methods.
6 years ago
Please help me any one on how to get the values from xml file for prefill concept in ODT forms using GET()

Any Sample Example will really helpul in this
My requirement is completely related to java only. No PL/SQL or other language.

1. Must the source be in upper-case? Ans: Yes the source should be in upper-case only.
2. How do you identify variables? From your example, I would have expected 'X' and 'Y' to be identified by {X} and {Y}, but it seems that you don't have to. Ans: Not understood clearly
3. Do all 'IF' statements have to have an 'ELSE'? Ans: yes all if statements definitely have an ELSE
4. Do all 'IF' statements have to have a 'THEN'? Ans: yes all if statements definitely have an ELSE
9 years ago
Hi All,

I need help in forming a regular expression for the following string: IF X==Y THEN LPAD(ROUND({INPUT2}/20,2),18,'0'),ELSE LPAD(0.00,18,'0');
given inputs X=2 and Y=2 and INPUT2=20000.Based on these inputs we are processing the above string and knowing that X==Y i am moving into THEN Part now the problem what i am facing is that i am unable to get the entire THEN part

Upto now i have written the regular expression as WHEN([^,]*)THEN([^,]*).
when i apply this pattern on the above string then part is coming as LPAD(ROUND({INPUT2}/20
what i need is LPAD(ROUND({INPUT2}/20,2),18,'0')

how to achieve this?
9 years ago
Hi All,

I am having a Select Box in JSF with select options like Gender,Employee,Associate.
Now select box list contains 3 items with index 0 -- Gender,index 1 -- Employee and index 3 -- Associate.
Based on our requirement when user selects a select item and clicks a button i need to delete the selected option from select box i.e if user selects Employee and submits, select box shows only Gender And Associate.

Now what i want is, can the deleted Employee object will be added back at the same index position as it is like before when a previous button is clicked.

Up to now what i have done i am maintaining two lists one parent list and another selected items list.When user selects one item from parent list and clicks submit button i am removing the selected item from parent list and adding it into selected items list.
When user clicks previous button i am removing from the selected items list and adding into the parent list. But the added one is coming at last position
10 years ago

hi all,

I have written a service interface like below:

Here addDetails service method takes two arguments : Class and Class

When i am using wsdl2java command of apache-cxf distribution,which generates all classes under com/sample/ws/service directory.

can we change the above directory structure like com/sample/ws/entities/ and com/sample/ws/common/ and remaining classes under com/sample/ws/service directory.

i am using apache-cxf-2.2.9. can we achieve above requirement? Whether i have to change the interface targetNamespace attribute?

Any help appreciated .It's Urgent
10 years ago

Hi guys,

I have a requirement of applying filter on list<String>. I am building a list<String> say cityNamesList, which contains values like below:

I am having a text box in the user interface side. When the user types a character in the text box, i capture that character and have to show the city names containing that character that user typed.

Ex: If user has typed K then from the above list i have to show the city names that contains letter 'K'

How to achieve this? Kindly give any ideas?
11 years ago

Dear All,

Need help in developing a Sample HTML With Input Fields Like NAME,DOB in HINDI.

I mean above display names should render in browser in hindi

i.e NAME Should render like NAAM(HINDI), DOB Sholud render like DINAK(hindi).

Whenever user enter values in the above text fields there also hindi leters should display.

Need Some real and great help to achieve above.

hi Cesar Loachamin ,

I worked out with your suggestion and it worked well.
Thankx for the quick reply.
11 years ago

hi All,

rowNo is integer type property.

Now When jsf page renders RowNum input field will be rendered by default with 0 value. If the User enters alphabets then i should display validation message as "Enter Only Digits".

But I am getting the below validation message:

InsertForm:rowNum: 'shf' must be a number between -2147483648 and 2147483647 Example: 9346

How to display "Enter Only Digits" message for rowNum field of integer type

11 years ago

hi Cesar Loachamin,

I checked with your example code of what you have given.

It doesn't working. See below what i have done:

11 years ago


I am setting a childCount property of type integer in backing bean into session using

how to retrieve the above sessionScope variable value in javascript.

I am using xhtml,jsf1.2,facelets
11 years ago

Dear All,

Is it possible to change dynamically, the color themes for all input fields, backgrounds, labels etc.. using struts and css in jsp.

can i have some sample working examples?
11 years ago