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Vikas Kaushik

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since Sep 13, 2001
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CEO at TechAhead Software
TechAhead, set up in India in 2009, has diligently positioned itself as a developer of mission critical web and mobile applications. Headquartered at Noida, they offer a rare blend of expertise and understanding of technology, which has helped them earn dedicated clientele across the globe, eager to offer outsource mobile and web development to them.
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Recent posts by Vikas Kaushik

You really need to shift to a Mac Machine, if you are serious about iPhone Development.
10 years ago
The site below also has a Quality Assurance Forum but the quality and quantity of posts does not seem to be as good as Java Ranch.
16 years ago
I second Victor's opinion.
16 years ago

However, if I say that, then I think I have little chance of even being considered for any programming positions. Given all of this, how do I accurately reflect my skills in my resume and at the same time maximize the chances of getting hired for an entry level position?


First of all, congratulations for having 10 years of experience before finally getting the computer science degree. This is really extraordinary stuff and be happy and confident about that. Although you have already received valuable answers from many senior ranchers yet I would like to tell you a couple of things which I think can be valuable to you.

�If we talk about the industry, they consider the work experience after your education (first degree) or consequent full time degree(s). If after first degree you are doing the others as part time or through distance education and working simultaneously the work experience would be counted.
�I would advise you to write down all your work which you have done in a sequential order, as your accomplishment so far. You will definitely be treated separate and valuable than other candidates of your education. Moreover think and try really hard to pitch up for a position where they give value to your accomplishments so far. If I would be at your place, I won�t have been joining any company where my experience has not been counted.

There are opportunities and many startups need people like you. Remember, it is the experience which ultimately matters. I do not know how intensive your work experience is but still I am sure it would add a lot of value to your career ahead.

Good Luck!!
16 years ago

I am sorry, I am not aware about any institute which provides training for certification in testing in Bangalore. I hope you will be aware about the CSTE(Certified Test Engineer) certification. You can visit for details about this. Regarding salary and onsite opportunity, you can find many valuable discussions in the previous threads.
[ January 27, 2006: Message edited by: Vikas Kaushik ]
16 years ago
Karthik: Many companies, these days are recruiting testers/testing professionals. Why don't you search for opportunities in Job search engines and update your resume.
16 years ago
Sat: I would advise you not to be panic at this stage. Remember every coin has two sides. I am sure there would be some positive as well as some negative in any company. Accenture is not that kind of company where you should repent after accepting their offer. I am not saying that you should go for it or not but whatever you do, have clear vision in front of you and make a consious decision. If you are going with a doubtful mind, your performance will fall and you may have to face the consequences for that. Be confident, explore opportunities, evaluate and take decision.

Lots of good luck!!
16 years ago

And Vikas,i dont know how you could read my mind,because,the order in which you have listed the parameters,its totally in sync with what i had in my mind.

HaHa, How I read your mind is a secret.

Go in the direction of your dream.

Once again Good Luck!!
16 years ago
I would completely support Reddy's view about Salary. In my earlier response also, I put salary the last parameter for you.

Good Luck!!
16 years ago
Let us know the final decision too
16 years ago
What are your expectations from the company whether it is Product based or Project based?
16 years ago
Hi Sat,

The package of 2.8Lacks p.a seems to be quite good for someone having 20 months of experience. You did not share with which company you are currently working. Accenture is one of good and globally recognized company. In my opinion there are various factors and parameters which one should consider while choosing a company. I would cover a few below
1) Location
2) Culture
3) Growth Path
4) Challenges in your job profile
5) How performance is recognized and awarded
6) Of course! Salary

You choose in which order these parameters work for you and how much they score on your scale. Calculate, analyze and go ahead!!

Good Luck!!
16 years ago
I agree with Mr Reddy. Please provide your complete information and also clear the following
"After April I will go to U.K for Higher Studies"
Are you looking for a job for just 2-3 months..?
16 years ago
Well, I would like to add a couple of more parameters which should be considered while choosing a company.

1)Of Course, Location is one of the most important. Generally people prefer companies in their home territory
2)Second is the growth opportunities and culture- I hope you have heard of the popular saying. �People do not leave companies, they leave Managers/People�

I would say analyze what all parameters you will look for and how do you rate the above companies based on your parameters.

Good Luck!!
[ January 24, 2006: Message edited by: Vikas Kaushik ]
16 years ago
congratulations Wright and thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us!!!
Best Wishes
19 years ago