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Recent posts by Pt Patel

Please give at least some hints or possibilities to give me the direction in some area.
15 years ago
Thank you for reply,

The Java Console does not give any error.

Please let me know,
whether the Apple Java and GNU Classpath will be fine for signed applet made with Sun JDK?
I have used Theme with JDesktopPane and JInternalFrame in my Applet, is there any issue with this?

Please at least give some hints to get it run in Mac and Linux.

Thanks once again for all your help.

15 years ago

Please..Please...give some hints or useful links....

I want to run my signed applet in a remote Mac and Linux PC. When I open the page, it is also asking me to accept the applet and "Trust", when I press "trust" button it does not display.
We tried in Mac safari and Firefox. And in Linux Firefox.

I have few questions:
Will Signed Applet made in Sun JDK will work in Apple's Java on Mac?
Will Signed Applet made in Sun JDK will work in GNU Classpath Java on Linux?

Please give me some useful links at least !!!

15 years ago
Thanks for reply.Our applet will Browse the file on client PC and write the data in the selected file on client PC.

On my windows XP machine, it is working fine. I performed the following steps:

Import certificate as a trusted certificate.
keytool -import -alias clientcer –file mycertificate.cer -keystore clientstore -storepass clientpass

Then Run the applet in the Firefox -> it will ask to accept the certificate -> Accept it and working fine.

Now I tried on Mac in Safari. On the first time it asks to "Trust", I pressed "Trust" button and does not appear anything on the applet.
So I thought that the above import command is necessary. I am not much familiar of Mac but tried to run the above command but it does not run that command.

In short:
I want to run my signed applet on Mac and Linux on remote PC(any client PC) with minimum efforts( or easy to use).
Please give me some hints or some link on the net for that. I will be happy if we can run signed applet on client side without running "keytool import" command.


15 years ago

I want to make "import certificate" easy on client side for my signed applet.
Currently I am using keytool import command in windows to import the certificate.

Is there any way to import the certificate without using command prompt, I mean using the web browser.
Current I am using IE and Mozilla Firefox in windows.

Later on I required to test on Mac and Linux as well. Please also let me know, where can I get the information to import certificate in the web browser in Mac and Linux?

Thanks in advance.
15 years ago

Some one give some hint on this problem....Please............
15 years ago
InternalFrame after reload the firefox.
15 years ago

I made one Applet with JDesktopPane having four JInternalFrame.
I have applied the custom theme to Applet and all the things are fine except the close, minimize and maximize icon and the main icon of the title of the JInternalFrame when the particular InternalFrame is selected.

I have attached the photos for more understanding of the theme effect.

There are two case: ( Note: while the JInternalFrame is selected )
The close, minimize and maximize icon and the main icon does not applied with the theme color very first time. If I reload the browser then it will have the effect of the theme.

It does not have the effect of theme to the above specified icons even after refresh the browser.

I am facing the second problem related to refresh:
Even though I clear the classloader cache and re-open the browser, it does not have the new applet loaded. I delete the browser history every time.
I tried to use "repaint()" but it didn't work. After repeating two to three times it works.

I tried different ways but doesn't get success yet.

Please give some hints on this issue.


15 years ago
I have removed the "Generate Key Pairs" and "Export Public Key Certificate" lines and it is still working with the previously generated certificate.
I was in the impression that, it will require to generate new every time.
Thanks for all your help. I got another question regarding applet, but I will create the new post.
15 years ago
Thanks for reply,

Every time I change something in my Applet, I need to generate key pair, sign the jar file and export the key etc.
If I run the same command "keytool", I have to change the alias i.e. "signapplet17" in my last post. Because It is giving me error, alias already exist/used.

Actually I made a bat file for all these command given between dotted line in my last post. And every time after compiling the java file, I have to change to new alias name in my bat file and run that bat.

Up to this now, I have changed my alias from "signapplet1" to "signapplet17". I am evev not sure, where these alias stored and whether it is bad thing to have too many unnecessary alias.
Is there any way, I can simplify all this steps while developing the signed applet. And later at the end, put all these security back.

15 years ago

I am working on Embedded Java Signed Applet. My applet using the TCP/IP thus required to load each time to my Lantronix XPort.
The problem is, every time I change something in the applet, I need to run the following commands again and finally load to Lantronix XPort.
And every time, I required to change the alias name i.e. signapplet17 in the following commands.

Is there any easy way while developing the signed applet
e.g. we can use the same alias name each time i.e. signapplet1 ( I reached to signapplet17)
Or we can avoid the following commands while developing.
jar cmf mainClass.txt DataMain.jar *.class

: Generate key pairs
keytool -genkey -alias signapplet17 -keystore mykeystore -keypass mykeypass -storepass mystorepass

: Sign the JAR file
jarsigner -keystore mykeystore -storepass mystorepass -keypass mykeypass -signedjar SDataMain.jar DataMain.jar signapplet17

: Export the public key certificate
keytool -export -keystore mykeystore -storepass mystorepass -alias signapplet17 -file mycertificate.cer

15 years ago