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Yes, absolutely it helps!

I like the ideas and the references. Currently I am reading Head First Design Patterns, and Head First OOA&D. These are great books for someone starting out. I had already completed Head First Software Development it is very inline with the first book you mentioned. It will be a good next step.

Thanks for the tip on the object design I think since I have a background in database design my mind seems to think in those terms. I will get the book you mentioned to help get me out of that mode.

You are absolutely correct about the redundancy I had already caught that and removed the "class attribute"/"class operation" (MultiQuestion) and just went with the enum.

My thought on the 2 question classes was to ensure when they are created they pass the validation rules noted in the comment for each. If I go with just one class I guess I could put these rules in the constructor with "if/else if/else if" logic, I thought the subclass was maybe cleaner? Any suggestion here?

I see you point on the interface. I thought what if later I have other types of problems on the test such as "fill in the blanks" meaning a completely new object such as "BlankEntry", wouldn't be nice to have some thing that allows all test item objects to be categorized together. (Although the interface I have really would not cover a "BlankEntry" object, but maybe could be refactored later....) I will remove the interface.

I think you are also right about start coding, even simpler, and go from there with refactoring. I did spend much more time than I thought I would putting the class diagram together and I am sure it is not what the end product will be.

Again, let me thank you for your time and interest. Just as reading the books is critical your personal direction has been very helpful.


I am studying OOAD and thought I might write a small website which would allow people to setup tests, and take tests. Like for SCJP study guides. My main concern though is good OOAD.

So far I have configured Tomcat locally and exposed to the internet thought the router and using to handle my changing ip address (First time I have done this also, way cool)

So now I am studing OOAD and trying to create a UML diagram of only a Test. So far what I have created looks like this (using JUDE):

Generally speaking one test can contain several Questions. Each Question has a question text, a question type, and selection items. A selection item has the selections a user sees on the test. It also contains if the selection is the correct selection. To start there will be 2 question types TrueFalse, and multi-select.

I know there are many more objects to create later, I am just getting started. Right now I am just concentrating in the Test object, everthing that is needed to define the data which would be written on a test.

If you have the time and interest please take a look and give me your feedback on the design. I am looking for ways to improve it.

Wasn't this free in the past. I think I used it when it was an open source Eclipse plug-in?
Done! 73% (scjp), I did not feel I was ready to take it but I had the 1 free retake so decided what the h. I read the book and studied for a little over 2 weeks. I am glad it is done. Now on the EJBs.

I must say the test was a bit easier than the book questions, and a lot easier than the free exam lab program(M.Devaka Cooray). This is an excellent program but goes into much more complex examples than what are actually on the test. Stick with the book and know it well!, if you try the exam lab don't get bent out of shape if you are not passing it. It is more than what is needed for the real test.
11 years ago
Steve, thank you very much! I had beat around on this a couple hours trying to figure it out myself. So close! I think I see what you mean 'this' was the runnable class, not the thread class. I see that now!

One question. Do I even need the first sleep? The one you instructed to move before synchonized? My thought was that it is possible for saget to run before bob, then when bob runs the wait would be forever???

I am going to keep writing thread code until I 'get it', so don't be surprised if I come back for help.

Thank You again,
I am studying for the SCJP 6.0. I am trying to play around with threads and cannot get it to work. I wanted to start 2 threads and have them communicate with each other.

The plan is to have 1 thread (bob) 'wait' on a second thread (saget) to do something, once saget has done something he should 'notify' bob to continue.

My problem is I can only get bob to continue when saget dies.

I tried to comment in the code what I am thinking. Take a look and let me know just how far off in the weeds I am....