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Recent posts by César Guzmán

Codacity seem very promising tool for code review, which are the programming languages it supports? is it going to be more in the future?
Well, I already dig into it and the answer is yes, both courses are still valid, in OCMJEA page check the option 2 and there it is, but there is a but, these courses are for SCEA5 so you will need to take SCEA5 exam and after that the OCMJEA 6. Well that's better than paying courses again.
I took these courses two years ago:

SL-500 J2EE Patterns
SL-425 Developing Architectures for Enterprise Java Applications

Are they still valid for OCMJEA? O must I take another course?
And what if we use load balance with two of more app servers synchronized? using session variables can work weird, maybe one server removes the variables but the other one may not.
11 years ago
I tried to export a dataset from an oracle database by a set of primery keys using:

That throws me a data file of 45mb!!!, checking the file I realize that the problem was a reference to a table with composite key(6 foreign keys), instead of exporting the unique referenced registry, it took the whole table data. ¿I think this is a bug of DBUnit, anyone knows a solution to this aproach?
13 years ago

Nageswara Prasad Nakarikanti wrote:Hi Satish,

Congrats for your book, Flex3 with Java.

I would like to know, as SUN is coming up with Java FX, how can we compare Flex 3 with Java FX.

which one is seamless / efficient with Java.?

I like Flex, it has a great looking and it's cool for Web 2 applications and the java integration makes it a powerfull combination, i think Java FX needs to mature.
14 years ago
On TI world, it's been said that to be a consultant means to be independent, what is the truth about it?
14 years ago
[quote=Kevin Kilbane]Hi,

This is a genuine question. How relevant is the SCWCD exam to the real world? As a J2EE programmer, I think my weakest area is the whole front-end area - servlets, JSPs etc. It's something I intend to address - I'm just wondering if studying for the SCWCD would be the best way to do this?


Of course, many java web frameworks(i think all), have a foundation on servlets and jsp technologies, if you learn that, it's easier to understand other frameworks, in fact, you can make your own framework with this knowledge. I think SCWCD it's good for a java web developer.
I think we all have experienced problems with specification, on bank industry usually happens, and it's a real problem when talking about money, but what always works is talking with your stakeholders to know what they really want, ask them to solve your doubts, do what they want and then, ask them to update the specification documents.
14 years ago

Nabila Mohammad wrote:How do you write an impressive Resume when you dont have a long list of acheivements and experience and still want it to look good.
And dont want it to sound like "just another empty hollow resume"??

Any tips?

List courses you have taken, where and when; listing skill you have like programming languages you know, frameworks, databases, etc.; you can mention other interest data like travel availability, have a car, and you can write the areas that most interest you.
14 years ago
Two it's better than one. Becoming a generalist it's great, you can face many problems for a variety of technologies, and mastering one, makes you an expert to solve really deep problems with that technology.
14 years ago

arulk pillai wrote:I share the same view as Bear. It is okay for the beginners, who don't have any experience to show that they are motivated and capable. If an experienced professional thinks that gaining certification is one of his/her greatest achievements, then the prospective employer should be cautious.

So, I would say

-- It is helpful to understand the basics.
-- It is useful to beginners and career changers.
-- It is a hype to think that certification alone will open more doors for you or make you standout from your competition.
-- It is a waste of time , if you are already an accomplished professional.

I agree, certifications are good, if you are a beginner you'll have not only the basics but a deeper understanding on the technology, you'll get a job easier. Besides, knowledge is always welcome, it may saves you many minutes/hours of investigations at work.
14 years ago

arulk pillai wrote:You can pick any product to learn SOA. Once you understand the SOA fundamentals, you can get upto speed quickly in another product. If you understand XML, XSD, WSDL, XQuery, XPath, Web Services and JMS, then learning to use a product should not be too hard.

That's a merely true, Invest on learning specifications, not implementations.
14 years ago