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Recent posts by Allan Moster

Originally posted by Rulx Narcisse:
I would like to know the best methodology to learn this language?

Do you think there should be a specific plan or book? are online learning best than in site training?

In may depend on your learning style. Some people prefer to study on their own while some like to attend public classes. It's a matter of preference really.

Do you think busy poeple that have leant from distance course (not College or University) could have the same capacity or advantages to be selectonned for a job?

A lot of question, I know, but it is to put out some confusions.


Sure. If your skills match what the company is looking for, then there's no reason for you not to get accepted.
17 years ago
Will there ever be a pdf version of HF Java?
17 years ago
P: Biker Couple

The big guy seemed really experienced. He looks like he's gone through a lot of problems and came out still smiling. We as developers can take advantage of his wealth of experience. He may have a better solution to an existing problems that we're facing since he already went through it. He can descibe the consequences if we choose a certain solution. With his experiences, we can identify the best possible solution which may not be apparent when we do it ourselves.

The girl looks so simple, small and lightweight. The kind of solution we all want to have on a project. A perfect complement to the more experienced looks of the big guy. Looking really smart, she can help the big guy describe his experiences in some special terminologies. Making the solution really understandable with the use of few words that people understand.

Lastly, patterns are really meant to work with other patterns. A single picture won't do justice in discussing design patterns. The biker couple represents how individually diffent persons can work together to come up with the best possible solutions.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Morris:
Since mea culpas seem to be inappropriate, I suppose apologizing for apologizing would be a faux pas. I'm really getting Wow, three languages in one post, that's a personal record!

It's actually 4 if you include this

E vita semper considera partem candidam.

18 years ago
From the posts above, we refactor by renaming or extracting classes to group common functionality. Is this what refactoring is all about?
I just gave up my slot. I hope somebody from here gets it

Originally posted by Rowan Chattaway:
Having read some of the posts from this forum, it seems many people believe that the web-component exam is tougher than that of the SCJP2.

I would say SCWCD is a lot easier than SCJP2. If you have JSP/Servlets experience, you can pass SCWCD easily. Two weeks preparation is more than enough.

Originally posted by Michael Piscatello:
I am sure this has been asked a million times, BUT where is it explained about Greenhorns, Ranch Hands, Bartenders, etc.

Try these:
20 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Michael Laborte:
the new 1.4 exam is for beta testing only. it'll run for about a month (from apr25 to may 17). so i think the final version won't be available anytime soon and that you would still have to take the old version of the exam if you're appearing on the 29th.

If you passed the beta exam, I don't think you still need to take "old version". You'll also get the certificate and the pin if you passed the beta exam.

Originally posted by Gautam Sewani:
And also tell me what is this JLS and where can I find it

Originally posted by Hope May:
I called Sun training(800-422-8020) today. They told me that the registration for this free beta test is closed since last Friday (4/12).
Has anyone signed up for the test and got a confirmation after last Friday?

Yup, I got mine 4/16/2002.

Originally posted by Himanshu Jhamb:
I tried registering for this exam & I did so 3-4 days ago... but have not received any confirmation email as yet.
How long does it take before they send a confirmation email... 'cause I shd probably go and try to register again if its a matter of hours before the confirmation comes back
- Himanshu

In my case, I received the email confirmation two hours after I submitted my request. I guess you should register again.
My plan is to read (again) my SCJP2 notes. I've been playing with the new features of 1.4 so that shouldn't be a problem.
Yeah, it would be nice to pass!
Why does the American bride (or her family) bear the majority of the costs of the wedding?
20 years ago